This route will allow you to make a loop over two days in the heart of the Orlu reserve. Take advantage of the stop at the En Beys refuge to admire the Isards and the sunrises on the pond at the foot of the refuge.

Access Departure:
Road access. On leaving Ax-les-Thermes (Andorra road), leave the RN20 towards Orgeix-Orlu. Cross these two villages and continue to the hamlet of “Forges d'Orlu”. after about a hundred meters, turn right and leave the car in the driveway in the shade of the large larches.

Parking (910m) 42.67907, 1.94909

At the end of the alley, cross the small bridge over the Oriège and continue to the right while looking to the left for the start of the path which enters the Bois des Salines following the west direction (yellow and red markings for the Tour des Montagnes Ax). It rises by a series of steep hairpin bends then turns south-east and spans the Rioufred stream via a wooden footbridge known as the CLOUTADE Des GNOLES (1452m). Resuming its ascent on the right bank of the stream, the path covered with beautiful slabs leaves the mountain level and opens onto the Jasse des Amarels (1660m) which offers fresh water from its source. The path joins the jasse de l'Orryot from where you can see the imposing concrete mass of the dam. Cross the stream on the footbridge (1813m), before turning left (south) on the path which passes in front of the “Les Isards” refuge (closed to the public). 

The very steep slope quickly leads to the Naguille dam (1890m) 42.66128, 1.91632 
The path runs along the left bank of the pond. Arrived at its southern end, a concrete slab footbridge allows you to cross the stream of eychouze (1910m). After having climbed a small ridge to the south, the trail gradually turns south-east. Leaving the Eychouze hut on the right, he goes up the coume of the same name, crosses the torrent around 2070m, then moves away to the south to pass to the right of a scree, at the foot of a large block of gneiss black. As the slope softens, it walks between the nipples and the croups before attacking the steep climb in switchbacks which leads to the couillade d'en beys (2345m). The path bypasses the needle that ends the south-western spur of the Pic d'en Beys, runs a few meters at the foot of the cliffs on the eastern slope, suddenly descends a strong gispet slope, crosses a scree and reaches a grassy plateau ( 2250m). A short corridor plunges down to a scree which he leaves to his right. After winding through the rocks, the path descends a croup after which the slope softens, allowing it to cross a small stream that it runs along in the rhododendrons. While overlooking the ponds del Freg, des Herbes, du Saut and En Beys, the path crosses a slab leaving on the left the pond del freg (1975m) called la couillade. After finishing its descent, it turns north-east in the lawn, before joining the white and red markers of the GR7 and the pond of d'en Beys (1954m). 

Walk along the left bank to reach the En Beys refuge (1970m) 42.6266, 1.94415
From the end of May to the end of September, you can share a good meal and sleep at an altitude of nearly 2000m in a magnificent setting.

From the refuge, always take the GR7 at the north-eastern end of the lake where the dam is located (1954m). Follow the penstock for a few moments before going down the side of the slope to the junction of the dead path (1910m) which we let run to the right. Continue downhill to the left on a steeper slope, until the PAS DE BALLUSIERE (1600m). Turn right on the GR which quickly reaches the Estremals woods and crosses the Oriège by the footbridge (1450m). Follow the track which follows the left bank the stream and joins the jasse d'En Gaudu. Leave the GR7 at the entrance to the jasse de justiniac (1304m) and continue on the left bank on the track marked in yellow. After regaining the freshness of the forest, arrive at the reserve car park (1180m). Now on the right bank, follow the road that descends into the valley, leave a first footbridge called Pont du Bisp on your left, then take the second footbridge (1040m) which joins, after having bypassed the Parc de la Maison des Loups and leave to the right a beautiful waterfall the parking lot of the orlu reserve (910m), the end of this beautiful journey.


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