The Pyrenees, this mountain range stretching 430 km from the sea Mediterranean sea à The Atlantic Ocean, separates, or rather unites two countries, the France and l'Spain. A single massif and a diversity of cultures, landscapes, architecture but always a common denominator: the charm of the Pyrenees, the picturesque, authentic and preserved side.
The Eastern Pyrenees and Atlantic Pyrenees, two extremities, two atmospheres but the same belonging to the Pyrenees. In the center, Ariège PyreneesHaute-Garonne and Hautes-Pyrénées.

The Pyrenees can be discovered by road by taking the mythical pass road (911km), or on foot hiking by the GR10, crossing the Pyrenees. For a journey between two cultures the GR107, Way of Bonshommes, lets make a travel from France to Spain in the footsteps of the Cathars.

Discover Ariège in the heart of the Pyrenees it's touching the finger Free, nature, big spaces, friendliness, clean air! It means having access to all outdoor sports like a real natural playground in the middle of forests, lakes, torrents, peaks ...

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