Fancy a hike in the direction of a lake or a pond in Ariège? Many marked GR or PR hiking trails take lovers of nature and wide open spaces to our most beautiful lakes: bassiès ponds, long pond, pond d'en Beys, blue pond, pond of ayès… These lakes are nestled in natural settings. These hikes, accessible from spring until the arrival of the first snow, are an opportunity to disconnect from everyday life, to surpass oneself and to access extraordinary places.

Our 3 favorite lakes and ponds

  • Rabassoles ponds : departing from the Col de Pailhères, this hike is an opportunity to climb to the top of the Pic du Tarbésou and have a 360 ° view of the Pyrenees and the plains of Carcassonne and Toulouse in the distance. The beauty of the lakes and their color will leave you speechless and will be the perfect places for a good picnic!
  • Étang du Garbet : above Aulus-les-Bains, the hike to the Garbet pond is rewarded with an exotic environment and a breathtaking view of the valley! You will be impressed by the Garbettou circus, going up to the pond, its waterfalls and streams.
  • Gardelle ponds : departing from the Soulcem pond, itself a magnificent dam lake, the hike to the Gardelle ponds allows you to continuously admire the Soulcem pond, before arriving at the succession of lakes (4 in all) which constitute "the ponds of Gardelle". The last, the biggest, is incredibly beautiful.

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20 results

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