In Ariège, there are 2 major sites « Foix-Montségur, medieval towns » et "Niaux-Mas d'Azil, prehistoric Pyrenees" in the collection of 40 sites labeled " Great Sites Occitanie South of France »
Two Great Sites located just 2 hours from Large Occitanie sites renowned: the city ​​of Carcassonne, Toulouse, Pic du Midi, channel du midi, Canigou massif, Catalan country, Albi, Saint-Bertrand de Comminges.
From the almost complete Niaux cave au Montségur castle, the Grands Sites Ariège invite you to experience a saga that takes you on a journey from Prehistory until the times of crusade against the Cathars

Foix-Montségur, medieval city

Montsegur, Foix, Mirepoix, Saint-Lizier, the testimonies of the medieval wealth of Ariège are discovered in a magical landscape which has for eternal backdrop the majestic chain of the Pyrenees.

  • Le Foix castle: Immersion in the Middle Ages, war machines, participatory workshops, interactive museum, escape game "The Cathar treasure"… definitely a visit not to be missed!
  • Le Montségur castle : Emblem of Catharism, erected at an altitude of 1 m, welcome to a place steeped in history where stones speak and cry ...
  • La Bastide de Mirepoix : Magnificent country house made of wood and cob opens up to those who know how to listen to narrate the most extraordinary medieval epics.
  • La City of Saint-Lizier : Ancient Gallo-Roman city then seat of the Bishop's Palace, Saint-Lizier is gradually delivering all the testimonies of its rich past.
Paragliding flight over the Château de Montségur © Go Production

Did you know?

La city ​​of Carcassonne is located just 30 minutes from Mirepoix! During your holidays in Ariège, take the opportunity to go for a walk on the ramparts! It is a great must-see site in the South-West!

Niaux-Mas d'Azil, Prehistoric Pyrenees

The largest underground network in Europe is deployed in Ariège. At all times, men have found refuge there, leaving many traces of their occupation. The oldest date back to the Magdalenian period, the last phase of the Upper Paleolithic, 14000 years ago. Living in small communities of hunter-gatherers, they left in our caves their tools, their weapons, the remains of their old homes and, most remarkable, many traces of their art.

Free to love graffiti at the Grotte de Niaux - © Go Production
  • La Niaux cave : It is not only one of the most famous prehistoric caves in Europe but also one of the few decorated caves still open to the public. Immersion and incomparable emotion in facsimiles as offered by the visit of Lascaux.
  • Cave and the Mas-d'Azil museum : Archaeological site of international stature, its 65 m high arch and its prehistoric treasures leave you speechless
  • Cave of the Cow : In this archaeological site, thousands of prehistoric remains have been found.
  • Le Prehistoric Park : Participatory workshops, museum, exhibitions ... the park offers an immersion in the daily life of our Cro-Magnon ancestors
  • Bédeilhac cave : With its immense porch and vast galleries, the Bédeilhac cave impresses as much by its geology as by its historical footprint.

The Great Sites of Ariège are only 1 hour / 1h30 from theToulouse-Blagnac airport as well as theCarcassonne airport !

To prepare for your visit ...