The peak of Montcalm, emblematic summit of Ariège is part of the impressive Montcalm Massif. Nicknamed the roof of the Ariège, this peak is located more than 3m above sea level. A real playground for nature lovers, in addition to being impressive, this massif is the scene of many sports !

The Pic du Montcalm, the first 3 in the Pyrenees since the Mediterranean

The peak of Montcalm, located in the Ariège Pyrenees is the first 3 in the Pyrenees from the Mediterranean. From the top of its 000m it overlooks the entire Vicdessos valley and is visible for miles around.

True star of the Pyrenees, many are those who embark on the ascent of this summit to be able to admire the grandiose view that it offers between French and Catalan landscapes.

The Montcalm, a sports massif!

This open-air playground offers many possibilities forsports. First of all, you cannot think of Montcalm without thinking of the hiking, it alone allows you to climb the different peaks of the Massif and discover the many grandiose landscapes it offers.

For the more seasoned, in search of sensations, the Montcalm is also known and appreciated for its spots ofclimbing andmountaineering winter.

We cannot speak of Montcalm without mentioning its flagship sporting event: the Montcalm challenge, internationally renowned trail race. Between marathon and vertical kilometer, this challenge is aptly named and puts trail and trail lovers to the test. transcendence.

A massif shared between France and Catalonia

The Montcalm massif is made up of three main peaks: the Pic du Montcalm (France), the Pique d'Estats and the Pic du Port de Sullo (Franco-Spanish border). Its highest point is the Pique d'Estats (3 meters above sea level), a remarkable summit, which is both the highest in Ariège and Catalonia!

Live the adventure of Montcalm