You chose theAriège for your next trip ? You made the right choice! Here, place at the disconnection, to the great outdoors, to sites to visit extraordinary.

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We have gathered here all the ingredients to help you prepare for your trip: accommodation, restaurants, outdoor activities to practice, walks, hikes ... everything that can help you create unique moments to live with your family, with your friends, or solo!

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Go to the snow

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Ariège is a department in the Pyrenees, 6 ski resorts - Ax 3 domains, Ascou, Guzet, the Monts d'Olmes, Goulier, Mijanès-Donezan - and 4 Nordic areas - Chioula, Plateau de Beille, Étang de Lers, Mijanes-Donezan - offer activities for all ages! Downhill skiing, cross-country skiing, [...]


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From the foothills to the peaks of the Ariège Pyrenees, culminating at 3 meters with the peak of Montcalm, the Ariège offers a great diversity of landscapes. GR077, Chemin des Bonshommes, Sentier Cathare, Ariège is a destination for hiking. It is a land of contrast. Hiking in Ariège means offering yourself [...]

Cycling in Ariège Pyrénées

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Where to cycle in Ariège Pyrénées? Mountain bike loop in the Couserans, ascent of the Col de Port, the Plateau de Beille or the Mur de Péguère, or even a walk on the greenway in Foix or Mirepoix, in Ariège, there is something for all tastes, all levels! [...]

Treat yourself or relax in our thermal spas

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Generous, thermal water from the deep basements of Ariège Pyrénées heals body and soul. Sulfurized, sulphated, calcium, magnesian, thermal water has been relieving since time immemorial. In Ax-les-Thermes, for example, a multitude of sources with sulphurous vapors spring up all over the city. Channeled and used for therapeutic purposes since the XNUMXth century, these [...]

Explore Ariège

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Beneath its wild and bucolic appearance, Ariège shelters a strong tradition of art and craftsmanship dating from the origins of mankind, and inherited from its industrial past. Visiting museums, animal sites, initiation into astronomy, exploring caves or castles ... there are so many places to see in Ariège [...]

Enter the artists

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Ariège has kept from its history this artistic side, born at the origins of Humanity, with the cave art of the men of the Magdalenian period. In the tradition of these first men, the work of wood, metals, glass, textiles, leather or stone has retained its full significance here.

Practice nature and adventure activities

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The ideal playground in the Pyrenees is of course Ariège! Why ? Because in Ariège, it is an extraordinary range of activities that is offered to travelers. From mountain activities in summer to winter outings, walks to aquatic activities, mountain biking to parachute jumping ... canyoning, rafting, via [ ...]

Choose accommodation

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Because backpackers do not have the same pace of life as families, and active seniors do not have the same wishes as teenagers, in Ariège Pyrénées a wide choice of accommodation is within reach of travelers, so that The mountain adventure remains unforgettable. An isolated lodge in the middle [...]

Eat good - eat well

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Ariège, a territory of nature and character, is also distinguished by its gastronomy and its local products. Looking for a good restaurant in Ariège? Discover our range of restaurants throughout the department. From the gourmet menu to the traditional or family meal, this Southwestern cuisine is based [...]


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Classical music, jazz, blues, theater, puppets, traditional shows, historical reenactments, music festivals, concerts, auteur cinema, sporting events, cycle races, trail races… The Ariège agenda is rich, it is rich, above all, in the enthusiasm and creativity of the volunteers who mobilize throughout the year to provide a [...]

Pratical information

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Need help planning your trip? Browse our practical information, you will find: All the means of transport to come and move in Ariège Pyrenees Publications: our various tourist maps, topo guides and other brochures and guides Reception and contact points of Tourist Offices or specialists [...]