Disconnection, oxygenation, sharing, emotion… this is the promise made to you by the Ariège Pyrenees destination, this territory with grandiose nature and a varied heritage. Ariège has a thousand stories to tell you.

Wow natural sites? 

Ariège is above all an enormous natural heritage which fills your eyes, circuses, waterfalls, summits, valleys, lakes of breathtaking beauty!

  • What could be more majestic than the 3 successive floors of the Cascade d'Ars and its 270 meters high?
  • What could be more impressive than the view from the Montcalm, highest peak in Ariège?
  • What could be more relaxing than Belesta forest or Montbel lake ?

Sensational sites to visit!

Paleolithic men and their ancestral paintings present in the Grotte de Niaux, passing through the Middle Ages with the Cathar castles like that of Foix or Montsegur, visit Ariège becomes a true adventure, across time and space.

14 years of history, 000 km² of nature ... Go quickly to visit Ariège!

A nature and outdoor destination

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Exceptionally wild and unspoiled territory, Ariège develops the curiosity of its travelers, gives them extraordinary experiences, and immerses them in a unique atmosphere and dynamics, to the rhythm of hikes, downhill biking or canyon jumps.

The unavoidable

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What should you absolutely see in Ariège Pyrénées? What is unmissable, incredible, unforgettable about our destination?

Roadtrips & Top routes

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Want to discover Ariège over 1, 2, 3 days? Or more ? Here is a selection of roadtrip to do by car, motorhome or motorbike, with family or solo, to adapt according to your desires! ? Circuits to discover the most unmissable, to the most secret places, [...]

Ariège - a Pyrenees destination

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The Pyrenees, which stretches 430 km from the Mediterranean Sea to the Atlantic Ocean, separates, or rather unites two countries, France and Spain. A single massif and a diversity of cultures, landscapes, architecture but always a common denominator: charm, picturesque, authentic and preserved.