Autumn is here and it's the season of beautiful nature walks that begins! We love it because all these colors are a boost to ‚ô•ÔłŹ!
Okay, it's not Quebec, but in Ari√®ge Pyr√©n√©es, we still have large spaces of which we do not have to be ashamed !

And then it must be said that the forest is an infinite source of wonders : collect mushrooms or chestnuts, look at and collect leaves of all colors, listen to the bell of the deer... In short, here we have everything you need to spend a top fall! 


1 ‚Äď Prepare a thermos of hot tea ‚ėē and cinnamon cupcakes for example (any other little delicacy will do, the main thing is to have fun!)
2 - Choose a ride in the list below ūüĎá
3 ‚Äď Halfway, find the best vantage point.
4 ‚Äď That's it, you're there! It's snack time." with a view ": make yourself comfortable, pour yourself a little tea and look in front of you. Do you feel happiness coming?

Wouldn't that be luxury after all? Time, a panoramic view and a hot tea!


  • Bethmale lake

Bethmale lake is a classic of Couseran walks and what's good is that you never get tired of it! We don't know what we like the most: its ‚ô•ÔłŹ shape or its turquoise color? It is a small setting of emerald waters as intriguing as it is poetic! It is said that its blue-green reflections are those of the dress of a witch who once haunted the village‚Ķ Are you interested in legends? This way !

Good to know

If you want to have a picnic in the sun, don't go there too late in the day, the sun quickly hides behind the peaks!
Once the walk is over you can also go up to the Core Pass, the panorama is sumptuous.  

The view from the Col de la Core ¬© S.Meurisse ‚Äď Ari√®ge Pyr√©n√©es Tourisme
  • The Prat d'Albis

Apart from watching the paragliders soar through the air, the Prat d'Albis is a fabulous labyrinth of forest tracks, panoramic ridges or even mysterious fir forests. All 20 minutes by car from downtown Foix! What more ? Park either at the paragliding takeoff (here) or at the very end of the road that leads to the summits (you won't be able to go any further, the road simply stops!). Then, follow the small paths available to you, in any case: panoramic view on the horizon!

Good to know

You can follow the ridges and climb up to Rocher de Batail, here. The view is amazing and the exercise not so sporty!  
Remember to take binoculars, it's a great spot for observing birds, paragliders or the mountain in front of you.

  • Cominac barns 

The specialty of the Granges de Cominac? Their architecture! It is certain, you will not see other barns like these in Ari√®ge! You can make a small loop starting from the church of Cominac or simply go to the viewpoint above the village (here).

Good to know

Juliette went to explore the Couserans and in particular the Granges de Cominac, she tells you about her adventure? Read the article ?

The Cominac barns ¬© R.Ba√Īos ‚Äď Ari√®ge Pyr√©n√©es Tourisme
  • The path of the ladies in Caraybat

In addition to offering you breathtaking views of the Tabes massif, the advantage of this route is that it faces south! Clear, you will be in the sun all along the ride, ideal for filling up with vitamin D. Departing from the village of Caraybat, this 9-kilometre loop will offer you very beautiful views of the Lesponne valley and the castle of Roquefixade in the distance. A must-have on your fall checklist!

  • The abyss (or hole) with crows ‚Äď Plateau de Sault

The walk is really easy and rewarded with a truly unusual experience! Count 10 minutes of walking through a thick forest of fir trees and you are faced with a chasm 184 meters deep and 60 meters in diameter ūüė≤ A footbridge was built to allow visitors to better observe this impressive geological feature.

This mysterious place is necessarily conducive to legends! It is said to have once been the refuge of dwarves and giants. It also seems that on Christmas Eve, at the stroke of midnight, the chasm opens and reveals the treasure of the witches who live there. To those who would be tempted to steal the treasure, be careful: at the last sound of the bell, the abyss will close!


  • The Peak of the Three Lords

When we hear ‚Äúthe Peak of the Three Lords‚ÄĚ we imagine a chivalrous story a little out of time, don‚Äôt you think? At the risk of disappointing you, no knights or fortified castle at the top but rather an incredible view of the peaks of Couserans including the Valier, an emblematic Ari√®ge peak that sits in the distance (we recognize it by its shape: its top is flat!).
This hike is sometimes demanding but every effort is rewarded. Whether you choose to leave from Port de Lers to follow the ridges to the Pic or via the Etang d'Arbu, landscapes are gifts just for you.

Blogger Anne Dubndidu made it in the fall and she loved it! She tells you this in a very comprehensive article and here are some pictures ūüĎá

  • The Peak of Tarbesou

Although this hike is a must in any season, fall is really a great season to do it! Be careful, however, not to go there after the first snow has arrived! Or do like Caroline, our outdoor specialist, put on your touring skis ==> Read the adventure story.

View from the Pic du Tarbesou ¬© C.Cheveaux ‚Äď Ari√®ge Pyr√©n√©es Tourisme

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