randonnée dans le Couserans

Free to leave the main boulevards

Hiking in the Couserans

Lat. 42.7135 - Long. 1.9707

While our lives are like a race against time, going to Ariège is to reconnect with time value, it is to leave the main boulevards of your cities. Live the present fully, relearn the seasons, observe, listen to all that nature has to tell us. On a hiking trail, at the top of a summit, by a lake ... What if you slowed down?

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escalade Ariège

Free to choose his path

Génat cliff

Lat. 42.8233 - Long. 1.5730

Take the direction of the summits, take a climbing route, hurtle down a mountain bike trail… the freedoms are beautiful and immense in the Ariège Pyrenees and they have unique flavors. Micro-adventure on hiking trails, multi-pitch routes ... It's up to you to choose what inspires you!

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artigues cascade

Free not to go to the beach

Waterfall in Orlu

Lat. 42.6881 - Long. 1.9154

Here you enjoy life, spend time with your loved ones, watch your children grow up. In Ariège, time does not escape you and the good times in the garden, by a river, a lake, in all these exceptional nature spots, remain engraved in you.

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Free not to follow the trend

Bethmale clogs

Lat. 42.8887 - Long. 1.0558

In a unique atmosphere specific to our Pyrenees, you take the time to live, observe and breathe in great breaths of fresh air, far from your daily life. At the heart of a beautiful, green and unspoiled nature, you will discover at the bend of a pass, a mountain road, a perched village, a Cathar castle, a Romanesque church, heritage of a rich past left by our ancestors . Traditions, sharing, meetings, that's Ariège.

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Free to choose your base camp

Foix is ​​at:
  • 1h From toulouse,
  • 1h20 from Carcassonne,
  • 2h30 from Montpellier,
  • 3h from Bordeaux,
  • 3h of Barcelona
  • 4h from Marseille
  • 7h of Paris

Free not to follow the trend

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