Campagne Instantanément Libre Eté 2024 Ariège Pyrénées

Instantly Free

Ariège is full of wide open spaces offering an instant feeling of freedom. From lakes to waterfalls via the mountains and the foothills, cross settings that will make you feel out of time! ✨

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Campagne Naturellement Libre Eté 2024 Ariège Pyrénées

Naturally Free

Head towards the summits, embark on a climbing route, hurtle down a mountain bike trail... ⛰️ The freedoms are beautiful and immense in Ariège Pyrénées and they have unique flavors.

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Campagne Naturellement Libre Eté 2024 Ariège Pyrénées

Timelessly Free

Timeless places enhance our beautiful Ariège! From prehistoric remains to Cathar castles and Romanesque churches, each site offers a journey through time in the heart of the Pyrenees. ⌛

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Campagne Simplement Libre Eté 2024 Ariège Pyrénées

Simply Free

Looking for simple moments that will be memorable? Ariège has so much to offer you! Moments with family and friends fishing on the banks of its grandiose lakes or heading to animal parks that will please young and old alike! Moments without hassle, far from everyday life and always well surrounded 👨‍👩‍👧‍👧

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Free to choose your base camp

Foix is ​​at:
  • 1h From toulouse,
  • 1h from Carcassonne,
  • 2h from Montpellier,
  • 3h from Bordeaux,
  • 3h of Barcelona
  • 4h from Marseille
  • 7h of Paris

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