Who has never dreamed of sleeping at the foot of the mountains, a window open to the most beautiful summits of Pyrenees, at the start of the most beautiful hiking trails? In Ariège this beautiful adventure is possible thanks to 9 shelters of Mountain ! Accessible for families, or more isolated for backpackers, all the refuges allow you to discover the mountain at the latest hours or on the contrary very early in the morning!

The refuge is a separate accommodation. Isolation is both the handicap and yet the main asset of a mountain refuge, and that is of course what makes its charm! 

Accessible on foot, the refuge is a place user-friendly, where the word "Collective" makes sense. The mountain refuge is a call to the most beautiful values ​​of our Pyrenees: respect for the environment,energy autonomy, waste management and reduction, and especially the partage.

How is the reservation in a refuge?

Before leaving for the refuge, you reserve your night, your evening meal and your breakfast the next day in advance by calling the caretaker! This then indicates the time at which we can arrive the same evening. You should take the opportunity at that time to ask all the necessary questions about the reception of children, the presence of animals, meal plans, access, the weather ... 

It's also good to show solidarity with the keeper! We can ask him if he does not need anything for the functioning of his refuge. He can then ask to be replenished with bread, newspapers ... at least nothing very heavy for your back!

Before leaving :

  • Watch the weather forecast ☀️
  • Make a quick call to PGHM (High Mountain Gendarmerie Platoon) which will tell you, if there are any, the risky passages on your hike, will inform you about the snow cover ...

What about the night and the meal in a refuge?

A high roof is precious, so is water and food, and much more valuable too!
The refuge is supplied by catchments of water sources from lakes or torrents, and the supply for meals is done either on foot or by helicopter! It is therefore essential not to waste, and to preserve resources!

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