Ariège promises its travelers great virgin expanses, by preserved nature and generous, of summits to make more than one pale, of unforgettable passes, lakes or forests. With its 2 km of marked trails, Ariège is a paradise for walks, walks et hiking in the Pyrenees. Here the wildest, unexpected, unusual and secret corners spread out before the eyes of astonished hikers.

Far from the crowd, close to nature, hiking shoes on your feet, let's go for beautiful walks in Ariège! ?

The most beautiful peaks

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Ariège has nothing to envy of its neighbors in the Pyrenees, both in terms of the beauty of its landscapes and the number of peaks to conquer! They are undoubtedly fabulous playgrounds for all lovers of outdoor sports: climbing, mountaineering (summer and winter), hiking or […]

The most beautiful lakes

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Fancy a hike in the direction of a lake or a pond in Ariège? Many marked GR or PR hiking trails take lovers of nature and wide open spaces to our most beautiful lakes: bassiès ponds, long pond, pond d'en Beys, blue pond, ayès pond… These lakes are [… ]

Étang de Comte

Count's pond

Étang Bleu

Blue Pond

Étang d’Alate

Alate Pond

Étang des Bésines et son refuge

Bésines pond and its refuge

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