Our desires for nature, escape, novelties, delirious moments, freedom, moments of life, we have grouped them here. Each of our adventurers, narrates, in these stories, the adventure he lived in Ariège Pyrenees. Adventure by bike, trail, on horseback, in a cave, in the air, in a refuge, in a tent, in a bubble ... they have disseminated throughout their stories what they preferred in their adventure, the best moments, good restaurants, pretty hikes, beautiful views, and amazing tips. Let yourself be inspired by Caroline, Julie, Roxane, Magda, David ...

L’Ariège en vélo de route : 5 cols incontournables des Pyrénées !

Cycling & mountain biking

Ariège by road bike: 5 essential passes in the Pyrenees!

It's no secret but every cyclist dreams of climbing a pass by being alone on the road in order to savor each switchback by adapting its trajectory, enjoying the landscape and above all, sweating in safety and without stressing about being surprised by a crazy car. This dream, I have been able to realize it on several occasions, […]

Pique-nique entre amis au cirque de Cagateille

Hiking & Trail

Picnic with friends at the Cirque de Cagateille

With a friend, we were looking for a not too long hike with an incredible picnic spot. After very short research, the circus of Cagateille imposed itself on us. Seeing the splendid photos on the networks we wanted to see the 2nd circus of the Pyrenees with our own eyes! […]

L’ Ariège des Sommets : 5 ascensions sportives à faire absolument

Hiking & Trail

The Ariège des Sommets: 5 sporty ascents to do absolutely

The Ariège peaks, for me, are not a discovery. I had already lined up some of them in the past, notably during my crossing of the Pyrenees in 2002, and I therefore already knew their intensely demanding nature. central Pyrenees, it would be a shame […]

Plongée dans l’histoire dans le Couserans

Heritage & Visits

Dive into history in the Couserans

“Take good shoes, a picnic and join me! I'm taking you to the Couserans", it is with this message to Roxane, my hiking buddy, that this Sunday at the beginning of July began. I particularly like the Couserans, the westernmost part of the department! So as soon as I have some time (this […]

Une journée en famille à Orlu

Heritage & Visits

A family day out in Orlu

As a child, I spent all my vacations in Georgia and Armenia. There, wolves are considered noble animals. They are called "doctors of the forest" because they participate in the conservation of the natural balance by feeding on certain species. The wolf cleans the forest and without it, the ecosystem would be totally different! […]

4 jours sur le GR107

Hiking & Trail

4 days on the GR107

When I was offered, as summer approached, to do a solitary roaming on 4 stages of the Chemin des Bonshommes (GR107) in Ariège, it was without thinking that I packed my backpack and my equipment to explore these landscapes that were still unknown to me. So it's all excited and eager to start […]

À la découverte des entrailles de la terre

Nature & Contemplation

Discovering the bowels of the earth

The department of Ariège is rich in adventures! But did you know that in addition to its activities in the water or in the air, you can also go underground? Indeed, the network of the department is gigantic! There are a thousand and one caves to explore. And what could be better than a caving trip with a pro to […]

Les bons plans du lac de Montbel

Nature & Contemplation

The good plans of the lake of Montbel

What's not to love about Montbel Lake? This large expanse of turquoise waters is a delight for young and old alike, whether you are a fan of swimming, water activities of all kinds, mountain biking, running, picnicking, fishing, mushrooms or just idleness and beautiful landscapes! On the Ariège side, the lake is […]

En famille au refuge du Rhule

Nature & Contemplation

With the family at the Rhule refuge

The Rulhe refuge is a must for Ariège refuges! At 2185 meters above sea level, its location makes it accessible with only 2 hours of walking to reach it. And what a spectacular view! Throughout the hike, we are in awe of the peaks and the landscapes that stretch out before our eyes. It has been several years […]

Bivouac en famille aux étangs de Rabassoles

Bivouac with the family at the ponds of Rabassoles

Thirst for nature, escape, thirst for adventure! In Ariège Pyrénées, the word "freedom" takes on its full meaning ❤️ White gives way to green! The snow has melted, spring is here! The green colors are predominant and the yellow of the daffodils, the brilliant blue of the sky come to perfect this natural decoration […]

L’Ariège en itinérance, 6 jours sur le GR 107

Hiking & Trail

Ariège roaming, 6 days on the GR 107

In love with wild spaces and great hiking routes, I walked 6 days on the Chemin des Bonshommes in the heart of the Ariège Pyrenees ⛰️. This walking route is made for you if you like preserved spaces and the Middle Ages because it offers a very emblematic part of the Cathar history of the region. ?️ Day […]

5 jours de roadtrip en van en Ariège

Nature & Contemplation

5 days of roadtrip by van in Ariège

For too long, the Pyrenees have been calling us. They scream freedom, road trip and wide open spaces. So, it is without hesitation that we start Léon, our house on wheels for almost 3 years, towards our next adventure: Ariège, here we are. Through the motorhome window, the landscapes pass by and slowly gain height. The […]

Dolce Vita au Carla Bayle


Dolce Vita at Carla Bayle

Like an air of Tuscany… Perched on its rocky promontory, the medieval bastide of Carla-Bayle offers visitors a dream panorama of the neighboring valleys with the Pyrenees as a backdrop, reminiscent of this famous Italian region. Stroll among the half-timbered houses of the village, admire the sunset […]


Nature & Contemplation


To make the most of the beautiful days of late spring, we decided to go to the little “Ariège Amazon”; direction Roquefort-les-cascades! A place that we both wanted to discover for a long time, and which won us over with its accessibility, its bucolic atmosphere, its exceptional natural setting. In short, a […]

Descente à VTT au Bike Park d’Ax-3-domaines

Cycling & mountain biking

Downhill mountain biking at the Ax-3-domains Bike Park

Today I'm taking you to the summer slopes of the Ax-3-domaines resort to fill up on sensations! Practicing mountain biking in XC or all Mountain version for ten years, here I am decided to try downhill or mountain biking DH. I go riding with my darling and 2 friends of his, who […]

La voie verte Pyrénées Cathares à vélo électrique

Cycling & mountain biking

The Cathar Pyrenees greenway by electric bike

What is the green lane? The Cathar Pyrenees greenway is above all the story of the railway and the industrialization of Ariège. From 1903, this railway line was put into service to link the Hers valley, industrialized, to Pamiers and Bram, which are connected to the main tracks […]

Nuit dans le plus haut refuge de l’Ariège

Hiking & Trail

Night in the highest refuge of Ariège

The highest and most demanding refuge in Ariège is that of Fourcat! Culminating at 2m, it takes about 445 hours of walking with a good mountain foot? and an elevation gain of 6 m. At the end of June, here I am engaged in my first solo climb to the Fourcat refuge! An unforgettable adventure engraved […]

Le Tour des Pérics en duo

Hiking & Trail

The Tour des Pérics in duo

In June 2020, we decided to leave at 2, roaming on hiking trails and in semi-autonomy. All this in the Pyrenees! We thought for a moment about what we wanted to do as a roaming trip: part of the GR10, part of the chemin des bonshommes. Then finally we turned to the Tour […]

Le tour du lac de Montbel à VTT

Cycling & mountain biking

Mountain bike tour of Lake Montbel

Last summer, we Ariège, we chose to spend a weekend in Ariège, a few kilometers from our house. In the program ? Bivouac, mountain biking, horseback riding in Montbel! The wind was very present that weekend, instead of sailing a catamaran, we chose to have fun mountain biking on the tour of the […]

S’émerveiller au jardin extraordinaire à Lieurac

Nature & Contemplation

Marvel at the extraordinary garden in Lieurac

It's summer, you're on vacation with your family and today you want a day where you take your time, where you stroll, where you are amazed, where you are surprised. A day where we leave room for reverie and poetry. A day that is full of moments that we share together. […]

Le Parc de la Préhistoire en famille

Heritage & Visits

The Prehistory Park with the family

The Prehistory Park in Tarascon-sur-Ariège is a 13 hectare park dedicated to families and located in the heart of lush greenery at the gateway to the high mountains of Ariège. There, we took a wonderful leap into the past, a real journey through time to learn about the daily life of our Magdalenian ancestors […]

La carrière de talc de Trimouns : une découverte fascinante

Heritage & Visits

The Trimouns talc quarry: a fascinating discovery

Today I am telling you about a surprising place: the talc quarry of Trimouns in Luzenac in the Ariège Pyrenees, very close to Ax-les-Thermes. After having surveyed a winding road in the green landscape of nature, stands before us a completely different panorama: a stunning and grandiose view of the open-air quarry. One would say a […]

A la conquête du château de Foix !

Heritage & Visits

Conquer the castle of Foix!

You know the rhyme of course? Today I take you to the alleys of Foix, for a walk in the shade of the beautiful stones of the count's city on the occasion of the reopening of an emblematic site known to all: the Château de Foix. We never tire of strolling hand in hand in the cobbled, shaded alleys […]

Parcours aventure en Ariège, entre via ferrata et accrobranche

Outdoor & Sensations

Adventure course in Ariège, between via ferrata and tree climbing

From the peaks of the Pyrenees to the tumultuous waters of the rivers, Ariège is a suitable territory for indulging in multiple outdoor activities. Paragliding, canyoning, hiking and rafting are well known activities. Others combine several disciplines to compose unique adventure courses. This is the case of the Roc Aventure offered by Horizon Vertical next to […]

Kick of ❤️ Parcourez l’Ariège à travers ses légendes mystiques

Heritage & Visits

Explore the Ariège through its mystical legends

They are mysterious, enchanting, astonishing and legendary our lands in Ariège… The places are full of stories to enrich the imagination of all. From witches to elves and monsters, each place holds a secret passed down in the streets of villages by the elders, from generation to generation… Here is a selection of mythical and mystical legends […]

Brame du cerf au col des Marrous


Deer slab at the Marrous pass

If when I tell you autumn you think: Back to school, rain, gray ... then you live far from Ariège! For us, autumn is like in Canada, it's the Indian summer with mild temperatures and magnificent colors… And then here, every year between the end of September and the beginning of October, an event takes place in which you [… ]

Autrefois le Couserans, spectacle vivant


Formerly the Couserans, a live show

The first weekend of August we booked a weekend in the Couserans to go to Autrefois le Couserans! For several years now, we have heard about the Old Couserans, a great manifestation of rural traditions, farm life and ancestral know-how that takes place in Saint-Girons in Ariège. The time machine […]

With family ? Mes idées de balades à faire avec des petits bouts

Hiking & Trail

My ideas for walks to do with little bits

Children still young but want to hike anyway? In Ariège, this is not incompatible! I give you here some cool ideas for walks to do with the family, with toddlers. From the walk that leads to a lake, to the one that leads to a point of view, the Ariège will delight all mountain lovers, even very young! […]

Kick of ❤️ Aventure sur le Tour du Biros

Hiking & Trail

Adventure on the Tour du Biros

The Tour du Biros is a country hiking trail (GRP). This route takes sections of the GR10 and allows a gentle initiation into the practice of hiking in the Pyrenees, taking advantage of the magnificent landscapes of Ariège and astonishing discoveries linked to the mining history of the region. We are […]

Top 3 des activités à faire quand il pleut

Heritage & Visits

Top 3 things to do when it rains

It is raining ? Don't panic, Ariège is an extraordinary playground for long days of rain! This is the opportunity to experience moments you would never have thought of! And I'm nice, I give you all my tips here! To rush into an UNDERGROUND cave or river It seems logical: given the number of caves […]

Le château de Roquefixade, spot intemporel

Nature & Contemplation

The castle of Roquefixade, a timeless spot

There are places like that where you can go back as many times as you want, it will always be a discovery that touches your heart. Roquefixade is a place that is both soothing and mysterious, to see all year round, early in the morning or late at night. Nor quite the […]

5 Jours de ride sur la Grande Traversée VTT Ariège Pyrénées

Outdoor & Sensations

5 Days of riding on the Grande Traversée MTB Ariège Pyrénées

This project has been tickling my calves for a long time because I loooooooove mountain biking! 5 days of riding from the Ariège Pyrenees to the Couserans with the Pyrenees in the background, it really makes you want it! I had never before tried the experience of roaming over 5 days on the Grande Traversée VTT, so I suggested […]

Road trip au cœur des Pyrénées Cathares

Nature & Contemplation

Road trip in the heart of the Cathar Pyrenees

The Ariège and its sublime roads lend themselves to quiet car rides criss-crossing its hairpin bends, its peaks and small paths... And when the irresistible urge to hit the road to enjoy the beautiful summer days strikes, you must not let it slip away! That's why one fine morning with Juliette we took the […]

Etang d’Appy : la randonnée qui rend heureux !

Hiking & Trail

Etang d'Appy: the hike that makes you happy!

It's been several days that a great desire for hiking in the mountains made my legs tingle… Here, in Ariège, the hardest thing is above all to choose as there are so many possibilities, each more tempting than the other. 😁 That weekend; our state of form being really not guaranteed, we choose to go to the pond of Appy […]

Randonnée en hiver dans les Pyrénées Ariégeoises : le roc du Scaramus

Outdoor & Sensations

Hiking in winter in the Ariège Pyrenees: the rock of Scaramus

Winter is a good season to discover the mountain in a different light. The snowpack makes some places less accessible without equipment, so you have to put on snowshoes to go on an adventure in wild places. The rock of Scaramus is a known summit of the Ariège Pyrenees, it is possible to go out accompanied by a guide during a […]

Découvrir les trésors de la réserve nationale d’Orlu en Ariège

Nature & Contemplation

Discover the treasures of the Orlu national reserve in Ariège

In the sumptuous landscapes of the Ariège Pyrenees hide priceless treasures. They respond to funny names that intrigue me: chamois, desman, tetra lyre or bearded vulture. These animals, coveted and threatened, must be protected. Sanctuary places exist to allow them to flourish and see their population grow. Near Ax les Thermes, […]

The Adventurers

All our adventurers have lived beautiful and great moments in Ariège Pyrénées! By bike, on horseback, on foot, in a raft, in a tent, their adventures are unique, full of emotions, alive.

Anne Dubndidu

Anne Dubndidu

Lover of wide open spaces and endurance sports, I never miss an opportunity to combine my two passions, while respecting the environment. Very committed to the feminization of cycling and trail running, I share my itineraries and my challenges in order to encourage everyone to get started and have fun in these activities.



Every day of the year, I am a big fan of outdoor sports in Ariège and throughout France: hiking, mountain biking, skiing, ski touring, rafting, canyoning ... I embark with me my companion, my son and my dog ​​Snow in (almost) all my adventures! What do I prefer in Ariège? The great outdoors and the spirit of freedom that reigns there.



Addicted to good little Pyrenean dishes, whose history and recipes I know almost by heart (Bethmale cheese tartiflette, mounjetado, azinat), I compensate for my gluttony by practicing running and trail running in my beautiful Pyrenees ! My favorite trail: the Resistance trail in Castelnau-Durban, for its extraordinary atmosphere.

David Genestal - Carnets de Randos

David Genestal - Notebooks of Randos

A great hiker in front of the eternal, I never tire of exploring France's paths and summits. It is this France that I tell about with a loving pen on my blog through my discoveries and my favorites.

De beaux Lents demains

Beautiful Slow Tomorrow

Great thirsty travellers, De beaux Lents Demains invites you to take the time to go on beautiful getaways in France and abroad, in a slowlife spirit. Respect for the environment, beautiful discoveries, here is the beautiful program of Anne and Lionel?



Passionate about cultural and nature discoveries, I very often walk around Ariège in search of new things, little wild corners, places to relax with my family. In Ariège, I love the contrast between the small country roads and the imposing mountains, it's a place where you feel good!

Eva - Les Others

Eva - The Others

Originally from the Hautes-Pyrénées, I like driving, walking, hot tea, rain, saffron brioches. And then also, travel and photography, to tell about my journeys.

Explore le Monde

Explore the World

At Explore le Monde, our primary desire is to share our discoveries, our meetings, encourage you to travel and of course meet you! We love the great outdoors, nature, people.



Hellolaroux is a passion for beautiful images, stories, adventures and off-the-beaten-path travel. They are aesthetic and graphic travel diaries, stories and encounters.

Ivan - de Gratteron et Chaussons

Ivan - from Gratteron and Slippers

Cradled by the world of climbing since my youngest age (by an oldschool generation who loves the slab…), I now share my knowledge and my experiences! Climber and photographer I am a big fan of mountains, Ariège, this land so endearing (and filled with cliffs!)

Jean Despiau

John Despiau

A great lover of adventure and the mountains, I am constantly looking for new discoveries and new challenges! With a special attachment to the Pyrenees, I regularly head for its many trails. Never separated from my camera, I like to immortalize these moments in image. I am looking for stories to tell, always with the desire to express it through original, strong and at the same time simple images. What I try to freeze with my material are moments of life, landscapes, sensations, emotions and encounters.



100% Ariègeoise, I know the destination (almost) like the back of my hand! Walks, guided tours, castles, picturesque villages, festivals ... I have traveled the roads of Ariège for years, looking for new things! I love living intense moments with my friends and my little family, which will leave me lasting memories!



Originally from Dordogne and an unconditional fan of travel and unknown horizons, I settled in Ariège after a few years of adventures here and there around the globe. What I like the most ? Discover the territory through hiking and gourmet markets? My bag is always ready for a new adventure (and a tasting!) in the four corners of Ariège!

Laura - des Globe Blogueurs

Laura - Globe Bloggers

Passionate about nature, I get drunk on forests, mountains and beautiful landscapes as soon as possible. Patient, I observe animals and plants of all kinds. And if I like to take my time, I also sometimes try out some thrilling activities!



Adventurer at heart, I am a born globetrotter! In addition to traveling the 4 corners of the world, I like to walk in the valleys dear to my heart: those of Couserans. Attending a transhumance, a festival, buying my cheese directly from the producers or at the Saint-Girons market are some of my favorite moments.

Léon le daron

Leon le daron

In 2019, we decided to change our life: Léon, our old motorhome from 1988 became our home, our passions for images and writing became our profession and, freedom and adventure are, more than ever, become the engines of our lives.



Lover of wide open spaces and nature, I spend my free time walking on the hiking trails of the Pyrenees. Big fan of roaming, I love sleeping in the mountains and waking up to the sound of the silence of our summits. I also love ski touring, climbing and good little Ariège dishes ... especially cheese-based!



Stroll, contemplate, take full eyes, that's what I like the most! Always in search of visual nuggets, I like to be surprised by a medieval city, a castle, a country house, or even the great outdoors! My favorite in Ariège? The Plateau de Beille. The ideal spot to disconnect from everyday life and enjoy life!

Roxane & Juliette

Roxanne & Juliet

If someone had to describe us, they would probably say that we are two lovers of life, as good alive as they are happy! Supporters of wonder on a daily basis and always up for a ride, we love to travel the roads of Ariège ♥️ Strolling through the small villages, meeting unexpected people, tasting local specialties... that's what drives us!



I regularly travel the globe in search of unknown places. To take spectacular photos, I don't hesitate to walk for long hours. My way of traveling: a car, a tent and good walking shoes. You have understood that there are very few lazy holidays for me!