From the foothills to the peaks of the Ariège Pyrenees, culminating at 3 meters with the peak of Montcalm, Ariège offers a great diversity of landscapes. GR10, Path of the Bonshommes, Cathar Trail, Ariège is a destination for trips on foot. It is a land of contrast. Practice the hike in Ariège, it is to offer a sumptuous panorama of very different landscapes according to the sites: Couserans Pyrenees, Haute Ariège valley or Vicdessos valley in the Ariège Pyrenees, Pyrenean piedmont.

Top 5 must-see hikes

Walks, walks lasting a few hours, small half-day hikes, or day hikes in high mountains, the Ariège will take you as close as possible to the summits, to the flora and fauna of the Pyrenees, as close as possible to the men who have shaped these mountains, closer to yourself.

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The best hiking in Ariège

Looking for daytime mountain hikes? Find your hike according to the distance, the difficulty or the elevation! Of family hikes with a starting point quickly accessible by car ...
Peaks and summits like the Mount Valier, Montcalm peak, Pic of the 3 lords… ponds, such as the pond of Appy, the ponds of Fontargente or fourcat …
You too, hike to the walking trails et marked paths of Ariège Pyrenees.

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