A family walk on the heights of Lake Bethmale which will take you to the Ayès pond via the Campuls circus, a gathering place for animals during transhumance before leaving for the summer pastures.

Road access: In Castillon, take the D4 towards Sentein. In Bordes sur Lez, turn left on the D17. Pass in front of the Bethmale lake. Take the Mount Ner forest track for about 20 minutes to the second car park (a barrier prevents vehicles from entering the Cirque de Campuls).


Couserans Pyrenees

On the western part of Ariège, the Couserans and its 18 valleys is a vast territory divided between high mountains, mountains and [...]

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Continue on foot on the forest track for 30 minutes to arrive at the Campuls cirque and its hut.


Let the track go to the right and continue straight on a wide and grassy path. Continuing on, this path narrows and climbs in switchbacks to a crossroads. Turn right, still uphill but less difficult, to come out on the GR10 which follows the crest. Take the GR on the right and let lead you to the lake effortlessly.


For the return, take the same route.