Very sunny slope allowing you to discover a panorama of the great peaks and the visit of the village of Antras, one of the most typical of Couserans. In summer, you will come across herds of cows and sheep in summer pastures.
Tour of the Mail des Morères
Mail des Morères © Christine Borie - Ariège Pyrenees Tourism
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At Sentein (D4), go past the church and follow the D704C for 2 kms to Antras.
Departure place d'Antras 920 m.

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Couserans Pyrenees

On the western part of Ariège, the Couserans and its 18 valleys is a vast territory divided between high mountains, mountains and [...]

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1 - Beginning of the hike

Departure place d'Antras 920 m.

2 - Col de la Croix

Due north, go up the central street which turns into a stony path.
At the first fork, leave the Irazein path on the right to go straight ahead, then turn left.
After the rocky defile, you will leave the 2 paths on the left to go straight.
You will then turn left to reach the bifurcation of the Tour du Biros (red and yellow) and then right to arrive at the Col de la Croix (1h15 - 1260 m). You can admire the view of the Calabash and the Pic de Nédé.

3 - Mail from Laroque

You go up to the right (red and yellow beacon) and enter the forest, cross a limestone link by the breach of the Mail de Laroque (1h30 - 1397 m).
Here you will discover the Bellongue valley to the north.

4 - Col des Moreres

Slightly to the right, the path descends to join a forest track that you follow to the right towards the east.
Further on, turn right at the fork. The track joins the trail to soon emerge from the forest. You are under the Col des Morères.
The markings take you to the right by a good path, passes in front of the Couledoux hut (water point on the right) and you reach the Col des Morères (2h30 - 1553 m).
Admire the Mont-Valier massif to the east.

5 - Small collar

Descend into the indentation of the pass, the path ends at the bottom of the marshy cirque and at the small pass (spillway of a weak stream) (2h45 - 1450 m) where you will find a hut 30 m on the left.

6 - Join the village of Antras

Leave the Biros tower on the left to take the path on the right towards a low stone wall below.
Go to the right, then after a few bends, you will cross a meadow before turning left full slope. The yellow markup leads you on a good path to find the route of the climb.
On the left, you come back to the village of Antras (4h10 - 920 m).