Whether on the French or Spanish side, the refuges in the Pyrenees (more than 70) are exceptional places, oases in the heart of a sometimes rough and steep mountain. For a break while roaming (GR10, GR367, GR107) or for the experience of spending the night at altitude, the hut keepers reserve a fabulous, unforgettable welcome. Discover our most beautiful refuges in the Pyrenees.

Sleep in a refuge in Ariège

Separate accommodation, the refuge, isolated in the Ariège mountains, is the hiker's salvation, summer and winter. 

In summer the dormitory comfort, And the heat simmered dishes lovingly prepared by the guardian comfort the GRdistes, and put them back on their feet for a new day of walking. They are also a place of incredible experience for toddlers and their parents: falling asleep to the sound of the silence of our summits, observe the marmots thanks to a long view, and meet new people around a good meal. The promise of lasting memories.

Top 3 shelters where to sleep with your little ones:

  • Rulhe Refuge
  • Refuge d'en Beys
  • Chioula Refuge

In winter, the unguarded open part of all the Ariège huts allows skiers and hikers to stop off during their journey.

All the Ariège refuges

Refuge du Pinet

Pinet Hut

Refuge d’En Beys

En Beys Refuge

Refuge du Rulhe

Rulhe Refuge



Refuge des Bésines

Bésines Refuge

Refuge du Fourcat

Fourcat Hut

Refuge de Bassiès

Refuge of Bassiès

Refuge du Chioula

Chioula Refuge

The refuges of the Pyrenees

Many other shelters are scattered over the Pyrenees chain, in valleys more beautiful than the others. Some are world famous because they are located at the foot of famous peaks! This is the case with the Oulettes de Gaube refuge, at the foot of Vignemale, or the Sarradets refuge, at the foot of the Brèche de Roland in Gavarnie, or the Ledormeur refuge, at the foot of the Balaïtous.

It is even possible to hike from hut to hut on the Pyrenees chain!

Discover the refuges in Ariège Pyrenees !