In Ariège Pyrénées, we know how to have fun! Here, winter evenings rhyme with star gazing, nocturnal snowshoeing, ugly sweater contest evenings (yes, yes!) or New Year's Eve in the Lombrives cave! Nature is our favorite playground. We share strong moments there and it is an opportunity to disconnect from everyday life and fill up with good humor. Here are some ideas for night activities to do with family, alone or with friends?

Nuit étoilée au roc de Scaramus ©Wildroad - ADT Ariège
Starry night at the rock of Scaramus © Wildroad - ADT Ariège

Observe the stars

We've all done it one day: lift our heads and marvel for a few moments at the glittering spectacle of the universe! When you look at the stars, all dreams are allowed ... It really is a moment suspended in time that is good for the soul!
In Ariège, we invite you to come and observe the sky in nature or in a real observatory in the company of astronomy enthusiasts who will share the greatest secrets of the galaxy with you.

  • The Sky and You Association welcomes you to the Chioula pass and to the Ax-3-Domaines station for sundials and observations workshops, discovery of the universe.
  • Sabarat observatory offers public evenings with sky observation and presentation of instruments, whatever the weather.

Sleep in a yurt, igloo or tipi

See you on the magnificent Beille plateau for one night (or even a weekend) in the'nomadic habitat of your choice. After a night-time snowshoe ride, snuggle up in these warm cocoons in the heart of the mountain. You really feel elsewhere… a change of scenery guaranteed!

Angaka à Beille
© Ariège Pyrénées tourisme / S.Meurisse

Wake up in the heart of the Pyrenees

In Ariège, we don't do things like everyone else. This year, plan a New Year's Day full of surprises and magical moments that you will remember for a long time!

You can wake up:

  • In a cave, yes, yes, you read that right! It is probably one of the experiences you have to have at least once in your life. Lombrives cave every year offers aperitifs concerts for New Year's Eve. On the program: unusual visit to a rarely open part of the cave, festive concert and cocktail with glass of champagne in the depths of the earth.
  • Trapper mode in a Yurt in the northern village of Angaka. Here is an original way to end the year 😉 In the middle of the snow and by the glow of the wood fire, discover a warm and unique atmosphere! On the program: horse-drawn sleigh ride between the snow-covered firs, night-time snowshoes, aperitif and candlelight meal and night in the Mongolian yurt, in the shaman's big tipi or in the Shaputuan tent. Wake up gently and morning snowshoes to make the most of this magical break.
  • Directly on the slopes ! The Ax-3-Domaines resort organizes a New Year's Eve on the slopes every year. Torchlight descent, dance floor on the slopes and of course, fireworks! All the elements are there for a beautiful New Year's Eve ❄️
  • In a mountain lodge with the Dahu Ariégeois : during this special New Year's Eve stay, enjoy 3 days of snowshoeing in the heart of the Pyrenees. Beautiful itineraries await you in the company of a guide who knows the terrain and its history perfectly. Let yourself be guided !
Raquettes au roc de Scaramus ©Wildroad
Snowshoes at the rock of Scaramus © Wildroad

The crazy evenings of the Chalet de Beauregard in Guzet

Ask any Ariègeois, everyone here knows the Chalet de Beauregard. Quite simply, it is a must-see place for your holidays in Ariège! Each winter, the chalet offers a multitude of themed evenings, each more unusual than the next. Judge it for yourself: Guzet plage, ugly sweater evening, concert in the stars, dj battle evenings, or even fluorescent outfit competition. All accompanied by a delicious meal based on recipes and products from Ariège! No, but really… aren't we here? And the icing on the cake? It is to go up to the chalet aboard a snow groomer! We tested it for you and we tell you everything : )

evenings and storytelling walks

In the dark, stories resonate differently! Imagine: there is snow everywhere around you and you hear nothing but the sounds of nocturnal birds. The frame is set, all you have to do is listen and enjoy this unique moment!

  • Make way for the magic with the Dahu Ariégeois which offers Christmas story evenings in the Monts d'Olmes, in Ascou, or even on the Beille plateau. A hot drink will be served during the outing.

our advice

Don't forget to consult our agenda ou our tourist offices to find out what events will take place during your holidays in Ariège-Pyrénées and be sure not to miss a beat! ?

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