With sunny days, we all dream of finding a great picnic spot in Ariège. Picnic table, view of a lake, green lawn… it doesn't matter! The main thing is to spend an unforgettable moment with family, friends or even alone? We have selected easily accessible picnic spots in Ariège for our travelers!

Circus of cagateille


Fagebelle lake

Chioula signal

Mondély Lake

The Mas d'Azil cave

Soulcem pond & the Carla orris

The Prat d'Albis

Montbel lake


With a few minutes walk

  • Cagateille
    Facing the circus of Cagateille, the picnic will not have the same flavor. You will face an Ice Age giant, waterfalls, streams and a dazzling green environment.
    1h30 round trip and 140m vertical drop.
  • Cominac
    From the plateau of the hamlet of the barns of Cominac, the view of the Valier is breathtaking. The + of this picnic spot? Be surrounded by these typical barns with "bird's-eye" gables covered with thatch. We love !
    Possibility of a loop walk, 3h40 from the hamlet.
  • Fagebelle lake
    Lake Fagebelle is the right compromise when you don't want to walk a lot, and yet find yourself in the middle of the mountains. A stone's throw from the Appy lake and St-Barthélemy, this spot extends the pleasure of the ride for the more athletic!
    1h30 round trip from the Monts d'Olmes.
  • Chioula signal
    Here, it is one of the most beautiful panoramas on the chain of the Pyrenees that exist in Ariège. Lying on a green lawn, in the sun, facing the mountains… what more could you ask for?
    30 min round trip from the car park to Chioula pass.

  • Beille platter
    Surely one of the most unmissable spots in Ariège Pyrénées for a picnic!
    After parking in the parking lot of beille tray, you can walk only a few minutes to land in the shade of a mountain pine, or a little more to reach the Beille hut from above and enjoy a 360° view! You choose.
    That said, nothing prevents you from having an aperitif or a small picnic at the end of the day.

Close to the car

  • Mondély Lake
    Mondely lake is an oasis of freshness in the middle of a hilly landscape between the Seronais and the Arize valley. Fabulous family picnic spot, it is also an ideal place for swimming in summer.
    10min from La Bastide de Sérou.
  • The pretty wood in the Belesta forest
    A few minutes by car, the pretty wood spot in the Belesta forest is ideal for all those who wish to isolate themselves in a silent and green nature. As a bonus, an orientation table, and a unique view of the pog of the Château de Montségur! ?
    10 minutes from Belesta. ?Picnic table on site
  • In front of the majestic Mas cave
    Facing one of the giants of prehistoric times, you will take the time to enjoy your picnic on the lawn, by the river. A small digestive walk is possible, passing above the cave and thus overlooking the entire valley, and thus enjoy a sumptuous panorama.
    2 minutes from Mas d'Azil.
  • Etang de Soulcem - les Orris du Carla
    The Soulcem pond is one of the favorite spots for travelers! Accessible by car, this artificial pond, in different shades of blue, leaves you speechless. The little extra? A picnic in the middle of the "orris", these traditional habitats of shepherds, to watch over the herds in the pastures at the time.
    20min from Auzat.
  • Prat d'Albis
    The Prat d'Albis is the spot close to hand just a stone's throw from the medieval city of Foix! With this incredible view of the Tabe massif and the slopes of the Barguillère valley, the picnic can only be unforgettable. Also to be tested in “sunset” mode?
    15 minutes from Foix

    Ps: ideal place to watch the paragliders fly!

and for lovers of sunsets

Picnics are good, but picnics or aperitifs in front of a sunset are even better! We give you some tips to brighten up your beautiful summer evenings.

  • Roquefixity
    Already, when we arrive in the small perched village of Roquefixade, we feel a feeling of freedom and the desire to stay there, looking at the magnificent view of the valley that stretches out at our feet. There is a small shaded park and a nice little square in the center of the village where you can eat. For those who prefer to take even more height, take the path up to the castle and continue to climb a little bit. The sunset will only be better!
    20 minutes from Foix

  • Montbel lake
    It's THE ideal spot for a little picnic by the water, with your feet fanned out! We relax, we unfold the tablecloth and we settle down comfortably. Whether on the Léran or Montbel side, the panorama of the Pyrenees is incredible ❤️
    17 minutes from Lavelanet

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