There are places like that where you can go back as many times as you want, it will always be a discovery that touches your heart. Roquefixade is a place that is both soothing and mysterious, to see in all seasons, early in the morning or late at night. Neither quite the same, nor quite another, I believe that it is this timeless panorama that makes the difference, which forces us to slow down, breathe and gain height.

Roquefixade, the answer to all our desires

Roquefixade, its bastide, its castle, its paths and its sublime panorama, it is necessarily the place to go, in all circumstances! Are you looking for a romantic place to picnic and watch one of the most beautiful sunsets in the area? The answer: Roquefixade! Do you want to go on a nice hike and enjoy the winter sun? The answer: Roquefixade loop n ° 3! You just need to get some fresh air, to feast on this 360 ° view of the Pyrenees, the castle of Montségur and the massif of the 3 lords, all while walking less than 20 minutes? The answer, I'll give it to you in a thousand: Roquefixade!

The 12 loops around Roquefixade

There is a network of 12 marked trails departing from Roquefixade. Lasting 1h30 and up to 4h, we are sure to find what we want according to our desires of the moment. All the loops start from the Roquefixade stage lodge and return to it. An opportunity to discover a heritage that is sometimes hidden, often forgotten, almost confidential, sometimes majestic and steeped in history.
Guide on sale € 3 at the stopover lodge

What do we do today ?

gite d'étape à Roquefixade

It's Sunday, at the end of December, bright sunshine, in the morning… and there, the famous existential question: "what are we doing today?" ". We have two children, a 5 year old and a 3 month old baby. Suffice to say that we have to rack our brains a little. And there, the flash… and if we went to Roquefixade? Damn it, but it is of course (see the answer to all our desires). We immediately call the stopover lodge which also serves as a restaurant to reserve a table. The lodging is a pretty stone building which is at the foot of the castle of Roquefixade: one can sleep there (dormitory or individual rooms), one can eat there or one can just take a break (wide choice of beers including local and organic , sodas, fruit juices, etc.).

Sébastien, the boss, offers us to sit on the beautiful paved terrace, which we hasten to accept, as the weather is idyllic for December 29! The family cuisine and without fuss puts the spotlight on local productions.

We start with a plate of cold meats, then a tasty savory tart and its generous salad. After dessert, it's high time to go for a walk, right?

Miaaam and waaaouh

Are you looking for ideas to eat and sleep near Roquefixade? Small selection of places where you can also enjoy the view!

Storming the CHÂTEAU

Among the 12 possible circuits, we choose the loop n ° 1 "the crest trail" which is announced in 1h40.

château de Roquefixade

For the occasion, our son put on his knight's tunic, which is to say if we are in the mood! After a slightly steep climb (or that's the effect of the meal!), We quickly arrive at the ruins of the castle. Perched on top of a high cliff, the fortress of Roquefixade has been facing that of Montségur since 1034.

It, which was a place of refuge and resistance for the Cathars in the XNUMXth century, was destroyed in the XNUMXth century by order of Louis XIII. After that, there will only remain of this construction a wall pierced by two centered windows and a tower. But the essential is not there. You just have to look up to be touched by this grandiose and relaxing panorama.

Everything seems suspended in time - we think we could be 300 years back, the landscape would be the same.

We continue our walk towards the Roc de la Lauzade which offers us a 360 ° view. After Roc Marot, we descend through a path in the undergrowth where the thick mosses and the boxwood copses still let us glimpse the traces of the lives of yesteryear. The path "del Mayne del Grell" brings us quietly back to our starting point, in front of the lodge. In short, a very pleasant winter Sunday with the family!

EMOTIONS and change of scenery guaranteed

If you want to walk (pedal, run or run as you choose) more than a Sunday stroll, that's possible too! Roquefixade is one of the key stops on the Catharist trails. You can choose the legendary Cathare Trail, GR367 which takes you from Port-la-Nouvelle to Foix in 12 stages for a total of nearly 250 km. A journey between lagoons, scrubland and rocky ridges to meet the famous citadels of Vertige. Or you take the GR107 called the Path of the Bonhommes, for an 8-day tour from Foix to Berga in Catalonia.

After the fall of Montségur, the last Cathars fled the Inquisition and took refuge in Catalan lands. By following this cross-border route, your steps will guide you on the same paths as these women and men in exile. Be careful, the emotion will be part of the trip! I'll give you a little tip in passing: if, like me, you are an overworked mother (with young children and / or not a great sportswoman and / or who rationalizes her days off) then you are planning a nice 4-day roaming from Foix and up to Col du Chioula for example. That's not bad ?




100% Ariègeoise, I know the destination (almost) like the back of my hand! Walks, guided tours, castles, picturesque villages, festivals ... I have traveled the roads of Ariège for years, looking for new things! I love living intense moments with my friends and my little family, which will leave me lasting memories!

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