Lovers of nature and the great outdoors? Discover our favorites here, the places where we like to chill with friends, with family, the places where we like to see our toddlers frolic, the most beautiful point of view. Here, discover our 100% contemplation adventures.

Sortie ski de rando entre potes au Mont Ceint

Nature & Contemplation

Ski touring outing with friends at Mont Ceint

❄️ The fresh snow has fallen, the sun is out and here we are, a whole group of friends ready to leave for a big ½ day of ski touring at Mont Ceint, also called Pic de Girantès. We are a tribe of 5 friends: Matthieu, Guillaume, Sylvain, Stéphane, Philippe and obviously our […]

Initiation à la cascade de glace

Nature & Contemplation

Introduction to ice climbing

Discover the joys of winter other than through skiing ❄️ Here is a proposal for an unusual activity that is original, sporty, demanding and so captivating: the ice waterfall. Admiring them is already exceptional, but climbing them safely is even better! 🧗🏼‍♀️ Warm-up Friends who know me well decided to give me a gift voucher […]

Road trip au cœur des Pyrénées Cathares

Nature & Contemplation

Road trip in the heart of the Cathar Pyrenees

The Ariège and its sublime roads lend themselves to quiet car rides criss-crossing its hairpin bends, its peaks and small paths... And when the irresistible urge to hit the road to enjoy the beautiful summer days strikes, you must not let it slip away! That's why one fine morning with Juliette we took the […]

Découvrir les trésors de la réserve nationale d’Orlu en Ariège

Nature & Contemplation

Discover the treasures of the Orlu national reserve in Ariège

In the sumptuous landscapes of the Ariège Pyrenees hide priceless treasures. They respond to funny names that intrigue me: chamois, desman, tetra lyre or bearded vulture. These animals, coveted and threatened, must be protected. Sanctuary places exist to allow them to flourish and see their population grow. Near Ax les Thermes, […]

À la découverte des entrailles de la terre

Nature & Contemplation

Discovering the bowels of the earth

The department of Ariège is rich in adventures! But did you know that in addition to its activities in the water or in the air, you can also go underground? Indeed, the network of the department is gigantic! There are a thousand and one caves to explore. And what could be better than a caving trip with a pro to […]

Les bons plans du lac de Montbel

Nature & Contemplation

The good plans of the lake of Montbel

What's not to love about Montbel Lake? This large expanse of turquoise waters is a delight for young and old alike, whether you are a fan of swimming, water activities of all kinds, mountain biking, running, picnicking, fishing, mushrooms or just idleness and beautiful landscapes! On the Ariège side, the lake is […]

En famille au refuge du Rhule

Nature & Contemplation

With the family at the Rhule refuge

The Rulhe refuge is a must for Ariège refuges! At 2185 meters above sea level, its location makes it accessible with only 2 hours of walking to reach it. And what a spectacular view! Throughout the hike, we are in awe of the peaks and the landscapes that stretch out before our eyes. It has been several years […]

L’Ariège en itinérance, 6 jours sur le GR 107

Nature & Contemplation

Ariège roaming, 6 days on the GR 107

In love with wild spaces and great hiking routes, I walked 6 days on the Chemin des Bonshommes in the heart of the Ariège Pyrenees ⛰️. This walking route is made for you if you like preserved spaces and the Middle Ages because it offers a very emblematic part of the Cathar history of the region. ?️ Day […]

5 jours de roadtrip en van en Ariège

Nature & Contemplation

5 days of roadtrip by van in Ariège

For too long, the Pyrenees have been calling us. They scream freedom, road trip and wide open spaces. So, it is without hesitation that we start Léon, our house on wheels for almost 3 years, towards our next adventure: Ariège, here we are. Through the motorhome window, the landscapes pass by and slowly gain height. The […]

The Adventurers

All our adventurers have lived beautiful and great moments in Ariège Pyrénées! By bike, on horseback, on foot, in a raft, in a tent, their adventures are unique, full of emotions, alive.



Every day of the year, I am a big fan of outdoor sports in Ariège and throughout France: hiking, mountain biking, skiing, ski touring, rafting, canyoning ... I embark with me my companion, my son and my dog ​​Snow in (almost) all my adventures! What do I prefer in Ariège? The great outdoors and the spirit of freedom that reigns there.



Originally from Auvergne, my passion for the great outdoors and nature adventures found a perfect setting in Ariège⛰️ This region warmly welcomed me and I enjoy exploring it on foot or by bike (as soon as possible). I'm always up for trying unusual activities and meeting the locals. What I prefer: sharing these moments of discovery with my family and friends to make them unforgettable experiences 😉



Stroll, contemplate, take full eyes, that's what I like the most! Always in search of visual nuggets, I like to be surprised by a medieval city, a castle, a country house, or even the great outdoors! My favorite in Ariège? The Plateau de Beille. The ideal spot to disconnect from everyday life and enjoy life!

Laura - des Globe Blogueurs

Laura - Globe Bloggers

Passionate about nature, I get drunk on forests, mountains and beautiful landscapes as soon as possible. Patient, I observe animals and plants of all kinds. And if I like to take my time, I also sometimes try out some thrilling activities!