Want some hiking and trail inspiration? You are in the right place ! All of our adventurers have made beautiful itineraries between lakes and Ariège peaks, have performed in trail running and above all have taken advantage of the wonders that our mountains offer us: silence and freedom above all.

Sortie ski de rando entre potes au Mont Ceint

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Ski touring outing with friends at Mont Ceint

❄️ The fresh snow has fallen, the sun is out and here we are, a whole group of friends ready to leave for a big ½ day of ski touring at Mont Ceint, also called Pic de Girantès. We are a tribe of 5 friends: Matthieu, Guillaume, Sylvain, Stéphane, Philippe and obviously our […]

Etang d’Appy : la randonnée qui rend heureux !

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Etang d'Appy: the hike that makes you happy!

It's been several days that a great desire for hiking in the mountains made my legs tingle… Here, in Ariège, the hardest thing is above all to choose as there are so many possibilities, each more tempting than the other. 😁 That weekend; our state of form being really not guaranteed, we choose to go to the pond of Appy […]

L’ Ariège des Sommets : 5 ascensions sportives à faire absolument

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The Ariège des Sommets: 5 sporty ascents to do absolutely

The Ariège peaks, for me, are not a discovery. I had already lined up some of them in the past, notably during my crossing of the Pyrenees in 2002, and I therefore already knew their intensely demanding nature. central Pyrenees, it would be a shame […]

Randonnée en hiver dans les Pyrénées Ariégeoises : le roc du Scaramus

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Hiking in winter in the Ariège Pyrenees: the rock of Scaramus

Winter is a good season to discover the mountain in a different light. The snowpack makes some places less accessible without equipment, so you have to put on snowshoes to go on an adventure in wild places. The rock of Scaramus is a known summit of the Ariège Pyrenees, it is possible to go out accompanied by a guide during a […]

4 jours sur le GR107

Hiking & Trail

4 days on the GR107

When I was offered, as summer approached, to do a solitary roaming on 4 stages of the Chemin des Bonshommes (GR107) in Ariège, it was without thinking that I packed my backpack and my equipment to explore these landscapes that were still unknown to me. So it's all excited and eager to start […]

En famille au refuge du Rhule

Hiking & Trail

With the family at the Rhule refuge

The Rulhe refuge is a must for Ariège refuges! At 2185 meters above sea level, its location makes it accessible with only 2 hours of walking to reach it. And what a spectacular view! Throughout the hike, we are in awe of the peaks and the landscapes that stretch out before our eyes. It has been several years […]

Pique-nique entre amis au cirque de Cagateille

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Picnic with friends at the Cirque de Cagateille

With a friend, we were looking for a not too long hike with an incredible picnic spot. After very short research, the circus of Cagateille imposed itself on us. Seeing the splendid photos on the networks we wanted to see the 2nd circus of the Pyrenees with our own eyes! […]

Bivouac en famille aux étangs de Rabassoles

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Bivouac with the family at the ponds of Rabassoles

Thirst for nature, escape, thirst for adventure! In Ariège Pyrénées, the word "freedom" takes on its full meaning ❤️ White gives way to green! The snow has melted, spring is here! The green colors are predominant and the yellow of the daffodils, the brilliant blue of the sky come to perfect this natural decoration […]

L’Ariège en itinérance, 6 jours sur le GR 107

Hiking & Trail

Ariège roaming, 6 days on the GR 107

In love with wild spaces and great hiking routes, I walked 6 days on the Chemin des Bonshommes in the heart of the Ariège Pyrenees ⛰️. This walking route is made for you if you like preserved spaces and the Middle Ages because it offers a very emblematic part of the Cathar history of the region. ?️ Day […]

The Adventurers

All our adventurers have lived beautiful and great moments in Ariège Pyrénées! By bike, on horseback, on foot, in a raft, in a tent, their adventures are unique, full of emotions, alive.



Every day of the year, I am a big fan of outdoor sports in Ariège and throughout France: hiking, mountain biking, skiing, ski touring, rafting, canyoning ... I embark with me my companion, my son and my dog ​​Snow in (almost) all my adventures! What do I prefer in Ariège? The great outdoors and the spirit of freedom that reigns there.



100% Ariègeoise, I know the destination (almost) like the back of my hand! Walks, guided tours, castles, picturesque villages, festivals ... I have traveled the roads of Ariège for years, looking for new things! I love living intense moments with my friends and my little family, which will leave me lasting memories!

David Genestal - Carnets de Randos

David Genestal - Notebooks of Randos

A great hiker in front of the eternal, I never tire of exploring France's paths and summits. It is this France that I tell about with a loving pen on my blog through my discoveries and my favorites.



I regularly travel the globe in search of unknown places. To take spectacular photos, I don't hesitate to walk for long hours. My way of traveling: a car, a tent and good walking shoes. You have understood that there are very few lazy holidays for me!

Jean Despiau

John Despiau

A great lover of adventure and the mountains, I am constantly looking for new discoveries and new challenges! With a special attachment to the Pyrenees, I regularly head for its many trails. Never separated from my camera, I like to immortalize these moments in image. I am looking for stories to tell, always with the desire to express it through original, strong and at the same time simple images. What I try to freeze with my material are moments of life, landscapes, sensations, emotions and encounters.