We are pleased to welcome you and your students to discover the living world for a unique experience in the heart of the Regional Natural Park of the Ariège Pyrenees! Less than 100 km from Toulouse, the Land of Traces will allow children to awaken their curiosity and their sense of observing the traces left by the animals of our mountains. In the afternoon, you will have the choice between visiting the reptile farm or the snail farm to learn more about the animal world.


- Observe and describe to conduct investigations.

- Acquire knowledge about biodiversity and adaptation to the environment.

- Respect living things and acquire responsible behavior.

- Listen, compare, analyze, discuss and share.

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  • Regional Natural Park - Ariège


Couserans Pyrenees

On the western part of Ariège, the Couserans and its 18 valleys is a vast territory divided between high mountains, mountains and [...]


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1 - Guided tour of the Land of Traces in Saint-Lizier.

10h00: In the company of the animators, the children will discover a theme park on ichnology. They will become researchers, archaeologists or trackers by participating in two workshops on the following themes:
- Casting and interpretation.
- The mountain.
- Prehistory and excavations.
- The wolf cave.
- The burrow.
- Ornithology.
- Osteology.
- The vegetal animal.
- The workshop defiles and clues wild animals.
- The wood workshop.

12h00: Picnic from the bag.

2 - Guided tour of the reptile farm in Alzen.

14h00: Guided tour of the reptile farm in Alzen.
Discover the collection of more than 200 reptiles on a tour guided by an enthusiast. Children will learn the evolution of species from 60 million years to the present day, their adaptation to the natural environment, food, reproduction, defense techniques. And to better respect the environment, the vivarium is heated at 85% by solar energy.


Guided tour of the Barjac snail farm.
To know everything about the life of the snail, its territory, its food, its life during the seasons. Involve the children in various fun workshops, each equally rewarding.

15:30 p.m .: End of activities.

Prices / Validity

Price of stay / person: 15,50 €
Price Min. Max.
Stay rate / person - School trips Min. 15,50€

The price includes

  • Entry and workshops in the Land of Traces, entry and guided tour of the reptile or snail farm.

The price does not include

  • Transport, picnic.

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  • French bank and postal checks
  • French "Chèques vacances"
  • Cash
  • Eurocard-Mastercard
  • Visa
  • Transfer

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