Experience an immersion in the living world in the heart of the forest and on the Moulis farm to discover a mohair goat farm. We offer activities and experiments around nature, flora and fauna. These visits promote learning through playful activities and the themes addressed and they are adapted to the different classes.


Arize - Lèze

The Arize-Lèze destination, halfway between Toulouse and the Pyrenees, on the slopes overlooking the valley, was born, there are [...]


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1 - Guided tour of Xploria Park at Mas d'Azil.

10 p.m .: In a shady forest, follow the passage of time and explore the living world! Young and old, come and discover the history of biodiversity since the creation of the universe until today: to learn everything from the first living organisms to dinosaurs, from ferns to delicate orchids, marine life to giant mammals of the prehistory!
Take advantage of an outdoor course to learn the history of flora and fauna while having fun: an experience for all!
Corridors of time, life-size reconstructions, botanical spaces, tactile models, real fossils to touch, giant illustrations and many other fun and scientific activities await you at Xploria Park.

12h00 Picnic from the bag.

2 - Guided tour of the Ferme des Moulis à Comarade.

14 p.m .: In a beautifully restored old farmhouse, come and discover Pauline and Loïc's mohair goats. You will be able to discover the whole environment of the Angora goat and the transformation of its fleece. La ferme des Moulis is a member of the “Bienvenue à la ferme” network and undertakes to respect a quality charter approved by the Academic Inspectorate of Ariège.

15:00 p.m. End of activities.


- Acquire landmarks in time and space as well as knowledge of the world around us.
- Understand and describe the real world, that of nature and that built by man.
- Respect living things and acquire responsible behavior.
- Create a link between the participants through common activities.

The price includes

Entrance and commented visit to the Xploria park, entrance and commented visit to the Moulis farm.

Based on 20 children.

The price does not include
Transport, picnic.

Prices / Validity

Others: 11,70 €
Price Min. Max.
1 day Min. 11,70€

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