The classes will be supervised by animators and artists within the city of the arts of Carla-Bayle, for a whole day.

At Carla-Bayle, it's more than 20 artists' studio-galleries and art galleries, and a great diversity of artistic practices.
The Rue des Arts association is organized around two axes: the promotion and dissemination of art through its events in the heart of the village (Carla-Bayle Cité des Arts) and more specifically contemporary art through the programming of the Philosopher's Gallery.
We are professionals in animation and cultural mediation. We work in partnership with the Lmac (Laboratory of Mediation in Contemporary Art - Occitanie Network).
The “Little Artists” discovery workshops synthesize these axes by offering children several activities.

► Activity n°1: a workshop with an artist from Carla-Bayle to develop artistic practice (between
45min and 1h)
► Activity n°2: a visit to the art exhibition at the Galerie du Philosophe to develop sensitivity to
contemporary art (between 30min and 45min)
► Activity n°3: a visit to the village of Carla-Bayle to discover the local heritage and history (between
30min and 1h)

♦ Optional: treasure hunt on the village in autonomy (between 45min and 1h)
♦ Optional: add a second workshop with an artist from Carla-Bayle (45min to 1h).

educational goals
- Cycle 1: Develop a taste for artistic practices - Discover different forms of artistic expression - Live and express sensations, emotions in the face of works - Mobilize language and listening through individual oral expression -
Understand your immediate environment through observation and adapt your behavior.
- Cycle 2 and 3: Experimenting with artistic techniques and producing a work - Expressing oneself in front of a work, being attentive to one's emotions and enriching one's vocabulary - Being sensitive to questions of art and creation, to the profession of artist.

Additional Information :
The classes will be divided into small groups of about ten students and will revolve around the different activities.


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Prices / Validity

Pack 2 activities (n°2 and 3): 2.50€/child
Pack 3 activities (n°1, 2 and 3): 7.50€/child
Pack 4 activities (with 1 additional workshop): €12.50/child.
Treasure hunt: no additional cost
Free visit of the open galleries: no additional cost.

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