Nicolas CLÉMENT, State graduate, is a caver passionate about the underground world and its region.

Open all year.

Reservation essential.

Since 1988, he has introduced caving to all types of audiences: groups of friends, athletes, families, holiday camps, works council, retirees, people with disabilities, etc ... Nicolas favors human relationships, in particular user-friendliness and pedagogy.

- CAVE DISCOVERY (1/2 day): Once equipped with caving equipment, we enter the underground world. I would say no more ... Caving is an exploration activity, where the discovery of unusual landscapes has some pleasant surprises in store for us ... I prefer small groups to promote exchanges and for more conviviality.

- UNDERGROUND CROSSING: We leave for the day to make an underground abseiling crossing. We enter underground through an upper entrance to come out lower in the massif. We borrow a series of verticals to learn or improve in the techniques of descent on rope. It is not necessary to have experience in abseiling, it is enough to be sporty and motivated. During our descent, we will discover large galleries, impressive rooms and spectacular landscapes. The meal will be taken underground.

I favor small groups to promote exchanges

- HALF-DAY INITIATION REMINDER: The exploration of the caves will be done by walking, sneaking between the walls, but also using ropes. This is the opportunity to learn about abseiling. We are entering the third dimension where the underground world will be revealed step by step and thanks to the light of our lighting. We will go from discovery to surprise ...

- INITIATION DAY REMINDER: We leave for a day to discover the underground world. We will discover a wide variety of underground landscapes: galleries, rooms, stalactites, etc ... We will also approach the vertical with the learning of the descent on rope. It is also the opportunity to have a meal underground.

The +: tailor-made outings adapted to everyone.

Small groups for more conviviality.

Outings guaranteed from two people.

Recent and quality equipment: wetsuit, shoes, helmet, etc ...

Reception: All year round, 7 DAYS A WEEK

All types of audiences.

Individuals and groups.

Group rate on estimate.

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Prices / Opening

Package: 80 € Package: 100 € Package: 50 € Package: 40 €
Price Min. Max.
Package - Caving during the day with abseiling initiation Min. €80
Package - (from) Great caving races Min. €100
Package - Caving in ½ day. with recall initiation Min. €50
Package - Discovery of caving in ½ day. Min. €40

Payment method

  • French bank and postal checks
  • French "Chèques vacances"
  • Cash
  • Transfer



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