Recognized for more than 30 years as one of the largest caves in Europe, 125 million years have shaped Lombrives which is full of historical and geological peculiarities as well as astonishing concretions with evocative names.

After a one-kilometer approach walk or by little train ...... your guide will accompany you to Lombrives, recognized as the largest cave in Europe, for a 2-hour guided family hike.

2h hike:
You enter a fascinating natural cavity where legends, protohistory and history have left their mark ...
You cross the Carène, walk on the fault, take the narrow Passage du Crime.
You find yourself in the grandiose Amphitheater: a cathedral conducive to both contemplation and cultural events.
After the grand staircase, you access galleries adorned with curious concretions.
Here you are in front of the tomb of Pyrene. Then further on, the lake with mysterious undulations.
Shelters for the Magdalenians, burial place for men of the Bronze Age, sacred place for the Cathars, refuge for Protestants, and a cache ... 

Lombrives has always fascinated Man, who left thousands of signatures and enigmatic symbols there.
"An enchantment"
"The magic of poetic and fantastic hikes" 
Lombrives is also shows (concerts all year round, theater ...)
* Special children's little explorers hikes (equipped with helmet and headlamp, follow in the footsteps of our ancestors)
* Unusual hikes (get off the beaten track)
* Night hikes. But also half-day caving hikes beyond the area open to the general public ...
* New Year's Eve concert, Halloween evening for children and adults.

Opening period 2022:

January : open on Saturdays and Sundays with a visit at 14 p.m.
February : School holidays all areas every day - visits to 10:30 a.m.-14:30 p.m. - additional visit at 15:30 p.m. (zone C)
March/April outside school holidays: Saturday and Sunday with visit to 14 hours
Easter holidays : Every day - visits at 10:30 a.m.-14:30 p.m. - additional visit at 15:30 p.m. (zone C)
May: open Tuesdays, Wednesdays, Fridays, Saturdays, Sundays - visit at 10:30 a.m. and 15:00 p.m.
June : open every day visits at 10:30 a.m. - 14:30 p.m.
July August : open every day many visits throughout the day (10:30 a.m.-14:30 p.m.-16 p.m.)- 
Site open on 19/07 (Tour de France) visit at 10:30 a.m. - 14:30 p.m. and 16 p.m.
September: open every day visits at 10:30 a.m.-14:30 p.m.-15:30 p.m.
October: Open on Wednesdays: visit at 14 p.m. - Saturdays and Sundays visits at 30 a.m. and 10 p.m.
All Saints Day vacation : Open every day visits at 10:30 a.m.-14:30 p.m.-15:30 p.m.


DEEP-TIME : A UNIQUE TIME EXPERIENCE took place in March / April 2021 in the Lombrives cave
7 women and 7 men go underground to live in total isolation for 40 days, without any means of knowing the time (neither sun nor watch)
An expedition beyond time!


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Guided tour price: 38 € Guided tour price: 34 € Guided tour price: 10 € Child rate: € 8 Guided tour price: 12 €
Price Min. Max.
Guided tour price - family caving tour 1/2 day by reservation Min. €38
Guided tour price - Family pass Min. €34
Guided tour price - Reduced prices (student, job seeker ...) Min. €10
Child rate - Child under 12 Min. €8
Guided tour price - Adult Min. €12

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  • French "Chèques vacances"
  • Cash
  • Eurocard-Mastercard
  • Visa
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  • Transfer


From November 24 to 24 November 2022
Monday Open
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Saturday Open
Sunday Open

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  • Groups of 10 to 120 people welcome