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This church was built at the end of the 1577th century outside the city walls in the middle of the fields, hence its name: Notre Dame des Champs (today: Notre Dame du Camp). In the XNUMXth century, due to the considerable increase in the population, this Romanesque church, which was too small, was enlarged and a crenellated facade was erected, surmounted by two turrets serving as an observation post. Destroyed during the religious wars in XNUMX with the exception of the bell tower, it was rebuilt in the XNUMXth century. In the XNUMXth century, the original portal (XNUMXth century) was dismantled and remodeled. Only a few rare remains remain.


Gates of Ariège Pyrenees

You are in Ariège, in the north of the department, halfway between Toulouse and the Pyrenees. Arrival in Ariège from the north of [...]

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