In this podcast Roxane and Juliette take us to meet Xavier, marauder in the Saint-Barthélémy massif regional nature reserve.

His passion for the Pyrenees led him to Ariège, he lives his job to the full, but what exactly is the job of a marauder…?

To discover in the podcast:
  • Risky Business : “many things happen at night…colliding with an owl…finding yourself in the middle of a herd of wild boars…! »
  • A memorable memory: "Follow the ptarmigan to hear them sing in the spring, find yourself at 2 meters, open your duvet and see the sun rise over the Pyrenees, we're free, we're not bad!" »
  • What drives him: being an actor in the preservation of environments, transmission and enhancement of the territory.

Ariège Pyrenees · #2 Xavier, Marauder
Xavier, marauder in a Nature Reserve © Hélène Dague


Fontestorbes fountain © Ariège Pyrénées Tourisme – R.Banos

Roxane & Juliette


Roxanne & Juliet

If someone had to describe us, they would probably say that we are two lovers of life, as good alive as they are happy! Supporters of wonder on a daily basis and always up for a ride, we love to travel the roads of Ariège ♥️ Strolling through the small villages, meeting unexpected people, tasting local specialties... that's what drives us!

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