From the peaks of the Pyrenees to the tumultuous waters of the rivers, Ariège is a suitable territory for indulging in multiple outdoor activities. Paragliding, canyoning, hiking and rafting are well known activities. Others combine several disciplines to compose unique adventure courses. This is the case of Roc Adventure offered by Horizon Vertical near Saint Girons.

the "rock adventure" and safety rules

This mix between via ferrata, climbing and tree climbing intrigued me and I did not resist long before testing it. So I join early in the morning a group led by Franck, our instructor. From the start, he wants to be reassuring. Everyone can move forward at their own pace, the main thing is to have a good time.

Helmets screwed on the head, harnesses and karabiners, the group is ready for these 3 hours of sensations above the Aubert canyon. After a short approach walk in the forest covered with moss, we arrive at the starting point of the route. It is indicated by a metal plate. This is where Franck provides us with the necessary explanations on equipment and safety.

Without revealing the entire route to us, I understand that it will be varied. Several obstacles will get in my way. Undulating footbridges, devilish monkey bridges and spectacular zip lines are on the program.

Let's go for the adventure!

Apprehension begins to point the tip of his nose but I am carried away by the enthusiasm and benevolence of the group. Even if it is not the highest, the first element, a metal wire suspended 10 meters from the canyon remains nonetheless impressive. Indeed, my body learns to master this feeling of emptiness and to find the balance on the shaky passages. Although attached to a lifeline, the adrenaline skyrockets and puts all my senses in turmoil.

Between each catwalk, my feet firmly anchored to the ground, I recover from my emotions. These are times when I can fully appreciate the surrounding landscapes, with the Ariège Pyrenees as a backdrop.

As the via ferrata progresses, confidence sets in and I can even contemplate this prodigious panorama from the suspended footbridges. However, I do not forget to grab hold of the metal cables. As for the energy of the group, it is always so stimulating and allows me to surpass myself.

I soon arrive at the time of the via ferrata where the progression is carried out vertically. During this moment of climbing, I scan the wall in search of the metallic elements which indicate the way. I focus while the technical and strategic aspects to evolve as skillfully as possible. This dizzying moment gave me sensations that I am not ready to forget.

Giant zip line at the end of the course

The adventure course ends with a mind-blowing 200-meter zip line installed 100 meters high. Facing the Pyrenees and so much immensity unfolding before my eyes, I feel microscopic. After setting off, I open my eyes wide to savor these few seconds when the landscape scrolls past at full speed.

I have wonderful memories of this unique experience during my stay in Ariège. Between emotional lift and intense moments of sharing, I recommend that you try it yourself.

Know that this Travel adventure is flexible, it adapts to the physical conditions and desires of each participant.

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