In summer, we are always looking for the freshest, most beautiful, most exotic spot! In Ariège, there are a good number of exceptional natural places, where we take full view and where we say to ourselves: wow. But me, what I prefer is to discover the waterfalls? why will you tell me? Because it is the perfect alliance between a beautiful hike, an exceptional spot and refreshment! So, since I am generous, today I am sharing with you my top 3 of the most beautiful waterfalls in Ariège!

N ° 1: The essential Ars waterfall!

This waterfall is my real crush! ❤️ If there is one place where I like to go above all else and which is for me THE place not to be missed in Ariège, it is the cascade of Ars !

To get there, it takes 3h30 round trip hiking and 660m of elevation. We cross the forest, and little by little we see ends of waterfall ..; to finally find yourself at this sublime and immense waterfall 246 meters high! Immediate love at first sight!

In front of her I felt so small, almost insignificant. I had been warned of the magic of the place but it was much more impressive than in my imagination.

I think what I liked the most during this hike was to feel the spray of the waterfall when you are at its feet. Absolutely refreshing! Is that the icing on the cake?

Good to know

It is better to go to the Cascade d'Ars at the end of May, the beginning of June (when the snow melts). It is then full of water, it is impressive!

To get there : from Toulouse, take the A64 towards Saint-Girons. In Saint-Girons, take direction Aulus-les-Bains. For the start of the hike, you have to join the only hairpin bend above Aulus and park along the road. path 1h30.

N ° 2: The sublime waterfalls of Artigue

Finding yourself in an (almost) secret place, far from the beaten track, where peace reigns and the only sound of flowing water ... it's a dream, right? This is exactly what I felt the first time I went to the Artigues waterfalls!

These majestic waterfalls and their turquoise blue waters almost make me believe that I have left Ariège. Each step on the trail makes me want to unsheath my camera as the beauty of the place is exceptional.

The most of this exit is that it is very easy to access and fast (about 1 hour return walk)! You can discover the hike on the page of the Ariège Pyrenees ! A real pleasure for an express trip?

This spot is one of the perfect places to canyoning elsewhere. It is surely one of the most beautiful places in the Pyrenees!

Good to know

The Artigue waterfalls are a must-see for travelers ... in the middle of summer, it's a bit crowded. I advise you to take advantage of it in June or September, there will be fewer people.

To get there : From Toulouse, take the A66 to Pamiers, then continue on the expressway passing through Foix and Tarascon-sur-Ariège. In Tarascon, take direction Auzat, then Marc. Park at Artigue car park. path 1h40.


The hikes and walks are good! But sometimes, I just want a nice spot, where I can rest, contemplate and clear the air. Roquefort-les-cascades is a place that lends itself to perfection.
When I get there I feel like I've done an immersion in a book of tales and legends, I sometimes even allow myself the fancy of imagining a few stories, far from reality?

You can go to Roquefort-les-Cascades all year round, but the show will not be the same depending on the season: In spring they will be full of water from melting snow, in summer and autumn they will be dry, and in winter frosts.

For the ride, it takes just 1 hour. Ideal when the children are small, or when you don't really want to walk! But beware, in spring and winter, it slips!

Between large waterfalls, small stream, forest, I quickly fell in love with this place, source of tranquility. The picnic tables invite you to take a break, to enjoy this peaceful green space.

Good to know

To get there: From Toulouse, take the A66 to Pamiers. Once on the expressway (N20) take exit 7 towards Varilhes towards St-Felix-de-Rieutord then Carla-de-Roquefort and finally Roquefort-les-Cascades. path 1h15.

⚠️ Please note: places are limited for the start of the hike and in the village. It is difficult to travel with a large vehicle in the village in the middle of summer. Prefer the low season.

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Stroll, contemplate, take full eyes, that's what I like the most! Always in search of visual nuggets, I like to be surprised by a medieval city, a castle, a country house, or even the great outdoors! My favorite in Ariège? The Plateau de Beille. The ideal spot to disconnect from everyday life and enjoy life!

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