What an extraordinary adventure it is to trek through the Pyrenees! The Tour des Perics, this loop through Ariège and Capcir (Pyrénées Orientales) is a real ode to disconnection, a call to rediscover this wild, raw, contrasting nature that characterizes the Pyrenees. 4 days from refuge to refuge, meeting the guardians of the mountain.

The Pérics tour in a few words:

  • 4 days connecting 4 guarded shelters
  • Between Ariège and the Pyrénées Orientales
  • Highest point: 2591m
  • About 22 hours of walking over 49km
  • Cumulative elevation + and -: 2m
  • Markings: GR de pays Tour des Pérics (yellow and red markings) GR7 and GR10 (white and red markings)
  • Difficulty level: 3/5. You have a good physical condition and are prepared for the hike over several days in the mountains. 5 to 6 hours of walking per day with positive elevations of 30 to 500 m and negative 750m to 280m

Favorable period

Given the snow cover and the guarding periods of some shelters, it is advisable to do this trek between the months of June and September.

Addresses and useful documents:

Before starting the loop

Before starting the actual loop, you must reach one of the huts on the circuit (good warm-up):

  • the En Beys refuge can be reached on foot in around 3h30 from the Fanguil car park (summer shuttle to get to the car park from Ax-les-thermes)
  • The Bésines refuge can be reached from Hospitalet-près-l'Andorre in 3 hours (access possible by train)
  • The Bouillouses refuge can be reached by car or by shuttle in July / August (5 €).
  • The Camporells refuge can be reached in 1 hour 45 minutes from Formiguère station

The hut keepers advise in any case to go around the perics in a clockwise direction!

Good to know

This circuit crosses different spaces with specific regulations especially for the bivouac, fires and dogs. Find out in advance about the regulations in force in the classified sites of Camporells, Bouillouses and the Orlu National Reserve. Just to clarify, dogs are prohibited in the Orlu reserve even on a leash.

The steps

Refuge d'en Beys> Refuge des Besines

  • Duration: 5 hours
  • Distance: 8km
  • Elevation +: 550 m
  • Elevation -: 430 m

This stage between the two Ariège refuges, along the streams, winds between small ponds, to reach the high mountain between the Portella d'Orlu and the Coume d'Anyell.

The unobstructed view of the Lanoux pond, which reveals its grandiose expanse and of the Pic du Carlit, the famous summit of the Pyrénées Orientales. After the Coume d'Anyell, the trail descends to the Besines valley, where hook pines and rhododendrons dot the soft lawns around the trail.

Refuge des Bésines> Refuge des Bouillouses

  • Duration: 6h30
  • Distance: 15km
  • Elevation +: 750 m
  • Elevation -: 830 m

The Besines - Bouillouses section is undoubtedly the one that offers the most impressive diversity of landscapes. From the very wooded part of Besines, and its lakes, you gradually climb towards virgin areas of vegetation, very mineral, to reach the Lanoux pond, barely seen during the previous stage.

After passing this pond, you reach the long, almost mysterious steppes, resembling Ireland or Mongolia: the large grassy areas of the Cerdan altiplano.

After a few hours of walking, on the edge of the Eastern Pyrenees, we find the wonderful Bouillouses Reserve, its raw and unspoiled landscapes.

Refuge des Bouillouses> Refuge des camporells

  • Duration: 5 hours
  • Distance: 11km
  • Elevation +: 510 m
  • Elevation -: 280 m

This stage, crossing the Capcir, is an ode to the beauty of the Pyrenees, preserved, intact, rich in vegetation. Crystal clear water of the Camporells lakes, in which those who gave the name to this route like to be reflected: the small and the large Pérics!

Refuge des Camporells> Refuge d'en Beys

  • Duration: 5:30
  • Distance: 11km
  • Elevation +: 500 m
  • Elevation -: 770 m

This stage is certainly the one where the view of the summits is the most breathtaking… On the peaks of Pic Mortier, we can see all the peaks which make up the wealth of the Ariège region… La dent d'orlu, Pic Saint Barthélémy, Pic du Rulhe… It is characteristic of the return to Haute-Ariège, with a view "from above" on the Orlu National Reserve, and the Jasse d'En Gaudu, the landmark of our finest chamois and marmots. 

Allow 2h30 of additional descent (and + 500m of negative elevation) to reach the Fanguil car park if your departure was Orlu.


To inspire you, discover the great adventure of Tripinwild, who carried out the Tour des Perics in 2018 and had a great time!
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Book your shelters

All the refuges offer optimal comfort in the high mountains, a warm welcome, which will not leave any hiker indifferent. Cooked with patience, local products and a little love, all the caretakers pamper walkers with good little dishes from our mountains!

The shelters are equipped with dormitories, showers (€ 3 per token). The shelters can also offer bivouac spaces, depending on the location and the refuge, the bivouac is regulated. Contact the guards for more details.

What equipment to take in your bag?

If you sleep in a guarded refuge, you won't need much in your backpack! Here is a list that can help you prepare for your roaming:

Affaires de randonnée
  • 40L backpack (and its over-bag to protect in the event of a downpour)
  • Gourd, knife, flashlight, compass, garbage bag, cap, sunglasses
  • Windbreaker jacket (or a k-way)
  • Sleeping bag or silk bag (to sleep in a refuge because the sheets are not provided, but the blankets are on the other hand!)
  • Polar
  • Hat, light gloves
  • Hiking boots
  • Small towel: ideally in microfiber, it takes up less space and it dries quickly!
  • First aid kit: painkillers, dressings, disinfectant wipes, arnica balm, sunscreen, mosquito repellent, survival blanket ...

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