The path of the fellows in a few words

  • Total distance: 224 km
  • Estimated time: 13 days
  • Cumulative positive elevation: 7989m
  • Cumulative negative elevation: -7241m
  • Departure: Foix (France - 09) - Arrival: Berga (Spain)
  • Red and white markings
  • Difficulty level: 3/5. You have a good physical condition and are prepared for the hike over several days (4 to 6 hours of walking per day with positive elevations of 30 to 400m)



Favorable period

From May to October. This route is located in mid-mountain. At the start of the season, some stages can be tricky with the presence of snow, especially at Portella Blanca, the border area. There is a variant between Porta and Belver de Cerdanya which allows you to avoid Portella Blanca in bad weather. June is a good time to explore it, the days are long and the flora is rich.

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A cross-border path between history and diversity of landscapes

Catharism, this current of thought totally rejected by the Catholic Church until it was eradicated, was very present in the South of France in the XNUMXth century. When the Church decreed that the Cathars were heretics, she launched the crusade against the Albigensians to fight against this "scourge". The "perfect", the "good men" then had two choices: conversion to the Catholic Church or death at the stake.

Thousands of Cathars then gathered, taking refuge in fortresses they thought impregnable, to fight together. After a scathing massacre, a number of Cathars who escaped the stake fled the Ariège lands towards Spain, to put themselves under the protection of the Catalan lords.

Make the snowmen path - GR107 it's walking in the footsteps of the last “Bonshommes” and discovering a part of history as fascinating as it is terrifying: Catharism.

Le GR oscillates between medium mountain and high mountain. It takes forest paths, stony paths, paths in the plains, it crosses towns and villages, the Orlu national reserve, and passes near several famous sites: Foix castle, Montségur castle, Roquefixade castle, Mérens-les-Vals ...

Our 5 favorites on the path of the snowmen - GR107

The 13 stages of the path of the snowmen

How many steps are there on thehe path of the fellows - GR107? It is indeed 13 days of walking between France and Spain. It is possible to take only a few steps and take public transport to return to the starting point.

Stage 1: Foix - Roquefixade

⚠️ Deviation: the start is in Montgailhard !

Departing from Foix, you walk along the crests of the limestone pre-Pyrenees, between 300 and 600 m above sea level. You feel through the vegetation a double climatic influence between the Atlantic and the Mediterranean. Thus, you cross cool and humid beech forests and drier terrains where thorn broom and lavender grow, as well as many varieties of orchids.

Walking time: 5h30
Distance: 17 km
Elevation +/-: 750 m / 400 m

Stage 2: Roquefixade - Montségur

Beautiful ridge route that allows a spectacular approach to the Montségur castle starting from the foot of Roquefixade. Montségur one of the most important sites of Catharism, the last stronghold of the resistance and the starting point for fleeing men.

Walking time: 4h05
Distance: 17 km
Elevation +/-: 746 m / 475 m

STAGE 3: Montségur - Comus

In Montségur, you are at the gates of the high Pyrenean mountain. From the top of the Pog, take the time to discover the wide panorama stretching out in front of you. To the east, the Corbières and the Audoise Pyrenees, dominated by the Pech de Bugarach; to the north the Montagne Noire and the plain of Toulouse, and finally to the west the high peaks of the Couserans country.

Further on, past the impressive gorges of the Frau (or of the fear).

Walking time: 4h00
Distance: 16 km
Elevation +/-: 796 m / 539 m

STAGE 4: Comus - Refuge du Chioula

Your steps take you over the vast expanses of the Sault plateau between Comus and the Refuge du Chioula. Take a detour to Montaillou (Mecca of Catharism marked by the work of the famous historian Emmanuel Leroi Ladurie).

Information from deviation of the GR107 on this stage.

Walking time: 4h00
Distance: 14km
Elevation +/-: 720m / 290m

Variant: passage through Camurac

STAGE 5: Chioula Refuge - Orgeix

Soon you will dominate the Haute-Vallée de l'Ariège and its village center Ax-les-Thermes. You are here a stone's throw from the wildlife reserve from Orlu, in the heart of the high Pyrenean mountain. In these places the chamois and the marmot reign supreme, the beech has given way to the hook pine and the rhododendrons.

Walking time: 3h00
Distance: 11km
Elevation +/-: 1000m / 826m

Variant: Chioula Refuge - Ascou La Forge

To recharge your batteries even better during your roaming, take a detour through the city of Ax-les-Thermes and enjoy the bubbles of the thermo-ludic center, the Couloubret baths.

STAGE 6: Orgeix - Mérens les vals

From the Orlu valley, climb to the Col de Joux offering a 360 ° panorama. Descent to Mérens-les-Vals and its XNUMXth century Catalan-style Romanesque church, passing by the famous hot springs.

Walking time: 6h00
Distance: 18 km
Elevation +/-: 1 m / 016 m

Stage information

STAGE 7: Mérens les Vals - L'Hospitalet - Porte Puymorens - Porta

Between Mérens and Porta you have the choice between a quiet path at the bottom of the valley on the left bank of the Ariège, or the mountain variant through the Nabre valley to Bésines Refuge (For those who love wildlife and high-altitude lakes, we recommend this variant - to be undertaken only in summer and before the first cold weather). At the Col du Puymorens, join Catalonia by a short descent along the Carol.

Walking time: 6h00
Distance: 22 km
Elevation +/-: 1 m / 059 m

Variant: Mérens-Refuge des Bésines-Porté-Puymorens. Walking time of the variant: 10h30

STAGE 8: PORta - Portella Blanca - Cabana Dels Esparvers

You will walk through the wide valley of Campcardos before switching to the Portella Blanca 2517 m to Catalonia. This pass marks the border between the 3 nations (Spain-Andorra and France). The hut of Esparvers is only a precarious shelter provided for this stage of the bivouac equipment.

There is a variant between Porta and Belver de Cerdanya which allows you to avoid Portella Blanca in bad weather. From Porta to Latour de Carol to Guis de Cerdanya to Méranges à éller then Bellver de Cerdanya.

For all the information on accommodation in the Pyrénées-Orientales, visit this site: For Andorran accommodation:

Going with an agency can help you avoid this long step: they organize transfers to take you to the next one. The advantage is that you will have crossed the Franco-Spanish border by yourself!

Walking time: 4h00
Distance: 16km
Elevation +/-: 1000m / 450m

STAGE 9: CABANA DELS ESPARVERS - Bellver de cerdanya

You will descend the LLosa valley, dotted with hermitages, to that of Segre which drains the entire Cerdane plain. The Stage ends in the medieval village of Bellver de Cerdagne. It is recommended to be careful between Prullans and Bellver, the trail crosses the N-260 several times.

To find accommodation near Bellver de Cerdanya see this site:

Walking time: 4h40
Distance: 20km
Elevation +/-: 100m / 1050m

STAGE 10: BELLVER de Cerdanya - Baga

You will cross the Sierra del Cadi between Bellver and Baga, you are in the heart of the Cadi Moxeiro Natural Park. Begin the descent in a beech grove and arrive at the Sant Jordi refuge. The variant via Pedra is a little longer, however it is recommended for hikers because the route is on a trail.

Walking time: 6h30
Distance: 22 km
Elevation +/-: 966 m / 1 m

STAGE 11: BAGA - Gosol

This portion of the route will make you discover the impressive massif of Pedraforca (Pierre-Fourchu). The slopes are wooded covered with Scots pine with red trunks. The stage is made in Gosol which protected a country where the Cathars took refuge and where later the painter Pablo Picasso stayed.

Walking time: 6h00
Distance: 18 km
Elevation +/-: 1 m / 050 m

STAGE 12: GOSOL - Casanova de les Garrigues

We advise you to stop at Casanova de les Garrigues. Take time for a break in the abandoned village of Peguera located in the heart of large peaceful meadows. Cross the old mining site to reach the “end of the world” cottage in Casanova de les Garuiges.

Walking time: 6h00
Distance: 21 km
Elevation +/-: 900m / 1000m


You arrive at the end of this short stage marked by the visit of the Sanctuary of Queralt marking the end of the Chemin des Bonshommes. Many Cathars from Languedoc found refuge there. In the distance, we can see the mountains of Montserrat. The small town of Berga is the capital of the Comarca du Bergueda. You are 1 hour from Barcelona.

Walking time: 2h30
Distance: 10km
Elevation +/-: 300m / 800m

24 results


24 results

Transport by realizing the full version

Plan the day for the return trip by public transport.

Option 1: return home from Barcelona : the route arrives at the Sanctuary of Queralt, 8 km from Berga, approximately 1 hour's walk to reach the city center.

Option 2: Berga ➡️ Foix : from Berga join Puigcerda by Bus with the company Alsa:
Then from Puigcerda to Latour de Carol enveitg by train (15 min) or on foot (1h)
Then take a train from Latour de Carol to Foix

Other practical information:

Regular lines in Catalonia:

Taxis :
Taxi Xavier Collell - Tel: 650 131 172/639 326 218 - Guardiola de Berguedà -
Taxi Oscar Reixats: Tel: 639 115 136 BERGA
Taxi Sala: Tel: 973 515054/646 33 17 44 MARTINET
Taxi Trail: Tel. 686 34 98 57 (Jordi) - BAGA - -

The path of the fellows in 2, 5, 6 or 7 days


Foix ➡️ Roquefixade ➡️ Montségur

In 2 days the path can be done all year round without difficulty. Possibility to arrive by train in Foix (Latour de carol - Toulouse line) or to leave your car at Foix station where parking is free.
For the return, take the 450 Bus line from Montségur to Pamiers. If you are parked at Foix station, take a train from Pamiers to Foix to collect your car.

Occitanie region public transport website::

in 5 days, from Foix to Ax-les-Thermes

Foix ➡️ Roquefixade ➡️ Montségur ➡️ Comus ➡️ Refuge du Chioula ➡️ Ax les thermes

In 5 days the path can be done from May to the end of October without difficulty. Possibility to arrive by train in Foix (line Latour de carol -> Toulouse) or to leave your car at Foix station where parking is free.

Arrival at Ax les thermes and take the train towards Toulouse (line Latour de Carol ➡️ Toulouse)

Occitanie region public transport website:

Possibility of extending the route: one or two days using the same rail line (Latour de Carol line ➡️ Toulouse) 

in 6 days, from Foix to Mérens-Les-Vals

Foix ➡️ Roquefixade ➡️ Montségur ➡️ Comus ➡️ Chioula Refuge ➡️ Orlu / Orgeix ➡️ Mérens les Vals

Departure station: Foix / Arrival station: Mérens les Vals

In 7 days, from Foix to L'hospitalet-près-l'andorre

Foix ➡️ Roquefixade ➡️ Montségur ➡️ Comus ➡️ Chioula Refuge ➡️ Orlu / Orgeix ➡️ Mérens les Vals ➡️ Hospitalet near Andorra

Departure station: Foix / Arrival station: L'hospitalet near Andorra

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