It is in Ariège, in the heart of Haute-Ariège, that Ax-les-Thermes spa resort welcomes spa guests for a stay dedicated to health and well-being in its 2 spa establishments: the Tech and the Model. In Ax-les-Thermes, the waters, used for their therapeutic virtues, flow naturally warm, and are also the hottest Pyrenees (77 ° C).

Thermal water

THEthermal water in the Pyrenees, it's a centuries-old story. First rainwater, it infiltrates the soils of our mountains and then lives a deep course, in the bowels and different geological layers, circulating between limestone and granite. Thus, it is loaded with minerals and reaches very high temperatures (72 ° to 77 ° C).

In Ax-les-Thermes, rheumatological and ENT-respiratory ailments are treated, thanks to the analgesic and decongestant properties of sodium sulphide waters.

cure thermale Ax-les-Thermes Ariège Pyrénées

The cure

The spa treatment is a medical act lasting 18 days. It can be single or dual orientation (eg rheumatology and respiratory tract) and is prescribed by an attending physician. The approved thermal cures are covered by health insurance organizations.

You can not free yourself 3 weeks for a cure? The thermal center offers to discover the benefits of hydrotherapy over 3 or 6 days! These small cures make it possible to act in prevention (in the event of first symptoms or favorable genetic ground) or quite simply to maintain oneself in good health.
You have three options for short cures:
- Therma'mouv: 4 thermal treatments per day and a "gestures and postures" workshop
- Therma Respyr: 6 thermal treatments per day and an adapted reflexology workshop
- Therma Pûr: 6 thermal treatments per day

They are certainly not reimbursed, but it is possible to benefit from them without a medical prescription. With everything there is to do in Ariège around the thermal centers, it's like going on vacation!

Find accommodation for your cure

What to do after your treatment?

To be in cure in Ax-les-thermes is to offer oneself the possibility of discovering the most beautiful corners of Ariège, and some of the most beautiful corners of the Pyrenees: beille tray, Chioula pass ... these spots will be places of rest and disconnection in addition to your treatment, or to do a little walk !

If you like sightseeing, you will not leave indifferent to the Niaux cave or earthworms, and Prehistoric Park...

Selection of activities to do during your spa treatment