Nordic dream of all travelers, dog sled rides in Ariège are a sweet experience, a unique exploration on virgin spaces, looking like the Far North. 360 ° view of the most beautiful peaks of the Pyrenees, these walks at the Beille plateau, Chioula or in the Donezan are synonymous with freedom, contemplation, and sometimes, thrills. Between large plateaus and passages in the forest, to the only sounds of the wind blowing on the pines with hooks, and sled creaking on the snow, passenger or driver, the walks leave an unforgettable memory.

An unforgettable adventure

For the passengers, it's the ride, the contemplation, we let the dogs and the musher guide us on the trails. The experienced mushers drive the team to experience an activity in all its fullness. A real winter pleasure!

For those looking for thrills, piloting is quite an adventure! Live the life of a musher! More than a simple hike, in addition to hitching up, unhitching, you drive your own team. Dogs just waiting for one thing will let off steam in the white powder.

But beyond living a moment close to nature, it is also and above all the meeting with our 4-legged friends. The mushers are passionate, their life is punctuated by their dogs. These furballs adore people and are bred with respect. These very sweet doggies provide a strong emotion, they are in the sharing and create the time of an outing, a relationship based on the truth! It is therefore no accident that he is described as man's best friend. ?

If you love animals, especially dogs, here are some heart-warming micro-adventures!

For a real taste, discover magda's adventure, who tested this for us! And don't forget to check out our webcams to know the weather conditions at time T!

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