Winter is fast approaching and we can't wait to get back on the slopes, don't you? In Ariège Pyrenees, 6 ski resorts and 4 Nordic areas welcome young and old, experts and beginners alike! In other words, you are not done skiing and hitting the slopes of our beautiful mountains at your own pace.

Just to make you wait a little before D-Day, we have prepared a small selection of the funniest, most technical and above all the most beautiful ski slopes in Ariège?

Tell me who you are, I will tell you where to ski!

Ski à Ax-3-Domaines en Ariège Pyrénées
Skiing at Ax-3-Domaines © Ariège Pyrénées Tourisme / S.Meurisse

Safe on my skis!

The rules for skiing in complete safety, with Roxane Boute, Tracker Rescuer

To find out more, visit the website: “Winter Prevention” section

Are ski resorts and snow your natural element?️ 

>> Black and red TRACKS

You literally fell into skiing from a young age, you could even say that you learned to ski before learning to walk? Slaloming between the fir trees and always going faster, that is your motto. The mountain has no secrets for you and winter is by far your favorite season ?

If this sounds like you, then you will be in your element on the following tracks:

  • À Ax-3-Domains: for the most experienced skiers, test the « Pylon » (red track), the « couillade » (black track) and the « Combes » (red track). The « Tute / springboard », a black track then red (>> see the piste map) for thrill-seekers! If you like humpback skiing, enjoy the piste « Cock » (red track).
  • In Ascou : for an atmosphere "alone in the world", head to the left side of the resort on the section "Fontargente" and « Fontemère ". A real treat ! >> see the piste map
  • À Guzet : try the black slope "Le Freychet", this is called a panoramic track! From up there, take a look at the snow-capped peaks before heading forwards, what happiness! >> see the piste map)
  • In the Monts d'Olmes: follow « The Corniche " (red track). To get there, take the “Fagebelle 1” ski lift and you are free! (>> see the piste map)
  • In Goulier, take ski lift 4 then 5 and go down the slope "Cauderas" ! (>> see the piste map). A very steep track as we like them.

You are rather at the beginning of your ski career


You are still a little shy on the skis and prefer very wide and slightly steep slopes ? Would you have liked to have had the chance to learn to ski from an early age and are as comfortable on skis as Les Bronzés? Do you think to yourself that, all the same, it is not very natural to stand on a moving floor? " Skiing for Dummies »Always ends up on your bedside table as winter approaches? Is the ski lift a real source of anxiety for you?

In short, for you, skiing is fine, but not too much either! Don't panic, we have provided you with a summary of the quietest slopes in Ariège!

  • In Ascou, hold on to the ski lift "Bessadeil" then take the track "Jasse" directly on your right (green track). This really easy trail will allow you to start smoothly and gain confidence quickly! >> see the piste map
  • In Mijanès-Donezan, the green track "Stream" will be suitable for beginners thanks to its very gentle slope. To get there, nothing could be easier, take the “Trabe 2” ski lift. >> see the piste map
  • In Goulier, take chairlift number 4, go to the "Montagnette" or "Garbié" ... >> see the piste map
  • In the Monts d'Olmes, the green tracks "Pradeilles" ("Pradeilles 2" ski lift) and "Chalets" (“Baby 2” ski lift) are perfect for getting started and going at your own pace! >> see the piste map

our advice

If you want to perfect your technique faster, consider taking a class. This is undoubtedly the best way to progress and feel at ease on your skis to be able to fully enjoy our beautiful Pyrenees!

>> See ski lessons in Ariège

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You are a lover of landscapes and nature, an epicurean in constant contemplation

For you, speed is not the main goal and you like to stop for a few minutes to look around and admire the snow covered mountains ? Do you marvel at the landscape like a child on Christmas morning? Check out these panoramic tracks, to breathtaking landscapes !

  • À Guzet: test the eponymous track! Take the Picou ski lift and open your eyes, the spectacle is in front of you! From there, you can access blue or red slopes to descend. >> see the piste map
  • À Ax-3-Domains: at the top of the Saquet area, a 360° panorama awaits you! Accessible by the “Rebenty” ski lift, the Couillade de Lherbe viewpoint, at an altitude of 2305 metres, is quite simply magical! Go down the “Savis” (blue run) then the “Berger” (red run). Also take the time to go see the Pic de Savis or the Col de Cadène, a feast for the eyes?
    >> see the piste map
  • In the Monts d'Olmes: for an exceptional point of view, go to the highest point of the resort, the Col de Cadene >> see the piste map

Fir forest side, we are not bad either in Ariège!

  • À Ax-3-Domains, take the green and blue slopes "La Griole » and "3 Jasse" and cross large pine forests. It's a good way to get to the bottom of the station while taking full view. A real treat for the senses! >> see the piste map
  • In Mijanès-Donezan, take the Canrusc lift and head on the track "Coumeille" (number 10 - blue slope) or Track « Rummy High » (number 12 - red track) for a beautiful crossing in a pine forest. >> see the piste map

You like to think outside the box and the crowds, this is not for you

In Ariège Pyrénées, we feel FREE get off the beaten track and ski touring is THE perfect discipline for that. No need for ski lifts, browse the mountain at your leisure and enjoy wide spaces where time stands still.

  • The Tarbesou: this is the best outing to start ski touring and take in the sights with an extraordinary panorama! Caroline, our Outdoor specialist, tells you about her first tracks in ski touring in Tarbesou >> read the adventure story

From now on, you will also find routes specially designed for ski touring in our resorts:

  • In the Monts d'Olmes, route located to the right of the “Baby 2” ski lift (>> see the piste map , route in purple)
  • At Ax-3-Domaines, in parallel with the blue “Ourson” slope (see the piste map >> black dotted route)
  • In Mijanès-Donezan, the resort offers a special "ski touring" pass with a lift of 4,50 €> more information.

our advice

Please note, this practice is reserved for experienced skiers, equipped and familiar with the weather and snow conditions.
Never go alone and let someone know your route before every ride.

To prepare your trip in detail, visit the website of the FFME.

For your first outings, you can call on mountain guides. This will allow you to learn all the intricacies of ski touring so you can make the most of it afterwards!

Ski de randonnée à Guzet ©Lezbroz
Ski touring in Guzet © Lezbroz

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