In winter, in the Ariège Pyrénées, snowshoeing is an activity that travelers love! In addition to practicing in a Nordic area to enjoy pristine pristine landscapes, it is even more rewarding to practice accompanied by a professional “off-piste” or in a Nordic area to enjoy pristine, pristine landscapes!

The advantages of an outing with a guide

Going with a mountain guide has many advantages that greatly facilitate your outing:

  • He checks the weather before leaving,
  • He takes note of your level and your desires to choose the suitable route,
  • He is responsible for the safety of the group. He is equipped, qualified and therefore able to react accordingly. It shows you the winter safety equipment (ARVA: Avalanche Victim Search Device).
  • He knows the area like the back of his hand, the snow levels and the route to follow
  • He takes care of the material and logistics, that means you have less to manage 😉
  • He is also a facilitator. It makes you discover the winter environment (nivology), the fauna, its anecdotes, the stories of the valley. A big plus that you wouldn't have by putting on snowshoes without it.

There is really something for everyone: from simple discovery of the snowshoe activity, to the one giving access to the panoramic ridges, via the unforgettable night walk ... Half-day or full-day, with family, couple or friends, accompanied snowshoe outings are an opportunity to push your limits and enjoy landscapes that are normally inaccessible, in Vicdessos, Couserans, or even in Haute-Ariège in Laurenti!

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18 results