Rich in its large preserved spaces, Ariège has 4 Nordic spaces to live the wild and gentle experience of a snowshoe trip: beautiful, whose fame is well established in the Pyrenees and in France, theLers pond, the Chioula et Mijanes-Donezan.

The fresh air and the sun's rays on the skin, the screeching of the fresh snow with each step, the silence of the forest, the pleasure of being in the heart of nature, the tracks of a chamois or another inhabitant in the forest… In a nutshell freedom. This is the feeling that comes from practicing snowshoes in Ariège Pyrenees.

On the marked trails, we find ourselves strolling, each at his own pace in a white paradise where man has left only one furrow in the snow. Prepared, laid out, marked or even wild, the trails of Nordic stations offer a postcard decor that is sure to seduce!

Discover all the Nordic spaces

All the Nordic areas offer snowshoe rental on site, but you can also get them in stores in ski equipment rental, they are usually equipped with snowshoe equipment.

Fancy a walk with a mountain professional? Find your snowshoe guide, it will take you to the most beautiful snow-covered areas of Ariège, off the beaten track! And before you come, check out our webcams, to know the snow cover at time T ☺️