Pamiers located in the heart of the Portes d'Ariège Pyrénées, very close to Foix, is one of the most important towns of Ariège. Known to be the birthplace of Gabriel Fauré one of the greatest French composers at the end of the XNUMXth century century, it is today a flagship of aeronautics, branch of Toulouse.

Sweetness of life, against a background of cultural and natural heritage

From the almost complete Saint-Antonin Cathedral of Pamiers à Notre-Dame-du-Camp Church via the Carmel of Pamiers, or the Monnaie tower, there is no shortage of remarkable monuments in the city!
It is possible to discover them during a great guided tour, where sharing and conviviality are at the rendezvous!

Pamiers is also the sweetness of life!
A ride on along the canals of the city center, a picnic break in the park, a walk to the Castella plateau… Beautiful moments of contemplation and disconnection, that the inhabitants of Pamiers themselves, (the Appameans) adore!

Our "ride" advice

The unmissable walk is of course on the route which leads hikers to the foot of the magnificent Cailloup abbey. Without any real difficulty, it remains ideal for a family walk! Discover theroute !

Gabriel Fauré, pride of the city

The pride of the city of Pamiers is none other than the famous composer and musician Gabriel Fauré. Born in Pamiers, he became one of the greatest pianist, organist and composers of his time (late XNUMXth and early XNUMXth centuries). 

In 1885 he obtained the Chartier prize from the Académie des Beaux-Arts for his chamber music creation.
Fauré's works are distinguished by the finesse of their melody as well as by the balance of their composition.

Did you know?

Today a festival is entirely dedicated to him: "Music in the Land of Gabriel Fauré". It takes place every year in Pamiers, and takes place in two stages: May / June then September / October. It welcomes a large group of internationally renowned musicians.

In short, what to do in Pamiers?

  • Visit the center of Pamiers while strolling in front of its most beautiful architectural jewels: the Currency Tower, Carmel, Saint-Antonin Cathedral
  • Stroll along the canals of the city center
  • Stroll and visit the abbey of Cailloup

To prepare your trip to Pamiers

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