Ax-les-Thermes, known since antiquity for its thermal waters, delights all lovers of board sports who come to hurtle down the slopes of Ax-3-domains in winter, those addicted to the great outdoors who will find lush and unspoiled nature close by, and spa visitors who will feel a sense of well-being thanks to thermal waters and air quality. Ax-les-Thermes in the heart of Ariège Pyrenees is a charming and pleasant mountain town.

Spa town

In spa treatment in Ax-les-Thermes, the mountains are saving. Pure and fresh air, restorative waters, treat rheumatological and ENT-respiratory diseases, thanks to their analgesic and decongestant properties.

Get a cure at Ax-les-Thermesis to offer yourself an exceptional setting to disconnect and rest.

For those who just want to relax, there is of course the wellness center « Couloubret baths ».

Its naturally warm water pools provide unique moments for couples and families, to the rhythm of water jets, massages, bubbles and vapors.

Did you know ?

You can also relax while enjoying the thermal waters, outdoors, thanks to the various pools located in the heart of the city. They are adored by hikers, skiers of all ages, after a sporting and busy day.

Ax-les-Thermes, Paradise for skiers

Ax 3 Domains and its 37 tracks are spread over three ski areas. That of Bonascre, accessible from the foot of the slopes, that of Saquet, at medium altitude and that of Campels, at high altitude, that is to say in all eighty kilometers of slopes! It is the largest ski resort in Ariège, where many board sports aficionados come every year!

Off-skiing, there are Fatbike, snake-gliss descents and other activities for the whole family!

Outdoor spots close to the city

A few minutes by car, there are magnificent views and open spaces, such as the Chioula Pass or Beille platter or Orlu valley.

As for hiking, you can quickly access beautiful walks, accessible to all, such as the Laurenti pond or the Count's pond but also to more sporty hikes, such as the Dent d'Orlu or the rabassoles ponds.

On holiday in Ax-les-Thermes, impossible to get bored! Between sporting activities, resort atmosphere, local markets, good meals in restaurants and relaxation at the spa… we discover a welcoming and dynamic mountain town!

Prepare your trip to ax-les-thermes