“Once upon a time, in the town of Foix, there was a liver merchant who sold liver. She says to herself, it's the first time and (not) the last time that I sell liver, in the town of Foix ”. This famous nursery rhyme rocked more than one! It is certain that the seller of Foix, de foie (?!) Sells liver sausage! This Southwest specialty delights connoisseurs of charcuterie; it's when you taste it, you understand where its name comes from. A treat for the taste buds !

Once upon a time, the liver sausage

Designed according to ancestral recipes, each butcher adds its favorite ingredient, passed down from generation to generation. Liver sausage can be eaten, declined and cooked in several ways.

To be enjoyed cold, in thin strips for the aperitif, grilled on the barbecue or pan-fried with scrambled eggs, it is a product with a sharp flavor with a authentic taste.

The Ariège charcuterie in the spotlight

Each year at the start of the summer period, the county town devotes a weekend to its specialty. The Foix sausage brotherhood honors the traditional Ariège charcuterie. On the program, garage sale, pedestrian bullfight with the Porcina Fuxi in the alleys of the city and at the foot of the castle, competition of "ham throwing", evening meal and tastings.

What to spend a convivial moment in Ariège Pyrénées, in the shade of the plane trees of the alleys of Villotes and the Halle aux Grains in Foix.

Nothing could be simpler to taste the liver sausage: knock on the door of our local producers and go to their meetings at the markets and fairs! they will be happy to show it to you:

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