In Ariège, two cold schools offerexcellent taste. THE'glacier craftsman which works with cream, milk and farmer producer who makes fruit of its exploitation, of  vegan ice cream based on water or almond milk. In a cone, in a jar or in a magnificent cup that tells a story, ice cream is best enjoyed in summer and also in winter with the range of salty ice creams. As an accompaniment to meat, fish ... this note of originality does not go unnoticed!

Philippe faur, a man who will not leave you cold ...

Philippe FAUR was born in the ice… At the age of 10, Philippe was already helping in his parents' large café-ice cream parlor in Saint-Girons to prepare the sundaes. He wants to make ice cream "different" from the big manufacturers who are flooding the market. 

Its "philosophy" is as simple as it is ambitious: to find the taste of natural products while keeping the authentic and original flavors. Its ice will be of high quality and short circuits. Its neighbor is its main producer of milk. Every afternoon, he delivers cream and milking milk for the preparation of ice cream.

These first ice creams have the aroma and taste of cream of milk, vanilla, chocolate, pistachio, coffee, strawberries but also fruit transformed into sorbet; lemon, mango, white vine peach ... 

All its products are 100% natural, without flavor enhancer, without artificial flavor, without preservative and without coloring. Sorbets, they can be 92% fruit, picked at the right maturity so as not to lose any of the flavor fresh fruit. 

Did you know ?

Ice cream is difficult to sell outside of summer… Phillipe Faur then invents salted ice cream ! In 2007, he created the frozen specialty with Foie Gras.

After meeting with the Rougié house for the foie gras specialty, it's with the caviar czar, Armen Petrosyan, that he will work for the most expensive caviar sorbet in the world. 

Today, any food lover can combine their dishes with savory frozen flavors: foie gras, caviar, smoked salmon, piquillos, roquefort, saffron, wasabi, ketchup, avocado, beetroot ... 

Philippe Faur is at the head of 120 flavors, sweet or savory, which earned it to be in the top 10 best ice cream parlors in France.

The mountain glaciers have taste

The other ice school in Ariège are farm producers. They create farmhouse sorbets made from fruits from their farms: raspberries, strawberries, blackcurrants ... 

Picking is done early in the morning or late afternoon when the fruit is sun-drenched. The harvest is done when the fruits are ripe. Nothing is pressed, it is the fruit and nature that sets the tone. After cleaning, the fruit is passed through a turbine for a very fruit sorbet.

In the land of Abajous, like a taste of returning to basics

The land of Abajous is located on the road that leads to Bethmale lake. In the 80s, Anne decides to leave Paris and return to the country. After training in agriculture, she bought a hectare of sloping land. Raspberries, blueberries, red currants, blackcurrant, gooseberries, rhubarb, a few fruit trees ... The land gradually becomes a oasis of delicacies. Anne also likes to go to the mountains to pick wild plants: mountain liquorice, blackberries, elder flowers, acacias, rose hips ... These fruits, these sun-kissed flowers, will end in delicious sorbets, certified organic preparations, 100 % vegetable.

The sale is mainly done in the shop "In the land of Abajous" from May to early November. Grocery stores in the valley also distribute its products. For several years now, she has been offering Christmas logs in which she combines a plant and a fruit. Each year in its collection: strawberry / mint; apple / fir tree bud ... nature is inexhaustible in creativity.

Mathieu and simona, for a breath of freedom ...

Simona and Mathieu fell in love with this little piece of land in the Massat valley, located at an altitude of 1000 m. After a first experience in breeding, an activity that took too long for these travelers at heart, they decide to plant red fruits which they will cultivate by hand and transform into sorbets. Cultivation is spread over 8000 m2 on terraces supported by dry stone walls. Operation is carried out in organic farming : raspberries, mulberries, rhubarb… The range of sorbets prepared with the fruits of the plantation is completed by other flavors of wild harvest. When the season comes, the whole family goes to the mountains to gather in natural areas. 

The sale is made through major local events in Saint-Girons in Mas d'Azil but also in Organic Fair and Occitanie festivals

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