Here in Ariège Pyrenees, we are lover of good things and convivial meals during which we feast on local products. At a time when micro-breweries are flourishing all over the country, Ariège is not missing out… and so much the better! About ten of craft breweries offer you delicious hopped beverages, each with their own particularities, their commitments… in short, their character! What do all these beers have in common? They are almost all made from ingredients from organic farming. We take care of you in Ariège!

We offer you a quick overview of the Ariège breweries with, as a bonus, ideas for visits, viewpoints or walks to do after or before your tasting. *


Is it raining, there is no snow or are you looking for an original activity to do? Why not take a tour of our breweries? Wherever you are in Ariège, and in all seasons, there is probably one not far 😉
In addition, you can leave with good beers from here to share with your friends, colleagues and family!

the barley girl - solan lands

Originally, Françoise and André grew cereals on their organic farm “Les terres de Solan” at Carla Bayle. The idea of ​​a low environmental impact agriculture and health quickly emerged as a necessity and a guideline. This is how the farm has been certified organic since 1995! Together, they choose the best organic malts and hops from France and Belgium to which they add their cereals and flowers from home! La fille de l'Orge offers you a blonde, a white, an amber, a brown as well as seasonal beers (Christmas beer or hemp beer).

Visits & tastings, points of sale : beers available in Biocoops and local shops.

What to do around the Brasserie?

  • Le village of Carla Bayle is a medieval bastide located a few minutes from the brewery. With its Tuscan airs and artists' studios, it really is a place that lends itself to strolling. Besides, take a little detour by the Rue des Remparts for an incredible panorama of the Pyrenees chain! You will tell us the news.
  • Go visit the Xploria park-museum, just 20 minutes from Carla Bayle. During a walk in the heart of the Castagnès forest, discover the fabulous history of our planet from dinosaurs to giant mammals from prehistoric times to the Dodo of the Ice Age. A real dive in time awaits you.


Direction Tailhès, a pretty little village in the Lèze valley to visit the Co-hop brewery. Originally, 4 brewer friends and the desire to create a different beer, with taste of course but also character and a strong environmental and social commitment. The Co-hop brewery bears the “Nature and Progress” label and works in the form of a Cooperative Society (SCOP). Discover beers with original flavors such as white verbena, a buckwheat amber or white elderberry ! We do not tell you more, the best is obviously to come and taste!

Visits & tastings, points of sale : open Monday to Friday 9 a.m. to 19 p.m.. During school holidays, call the brewers to be sure of the hours 🙂
If you are more of a market, you can find Co-Hop beers in the markets of Pailhès and Monbrun-Bocage.

What to do around the Brasserie?

  • From the village, look up to admire the magnificent medieval castle of Pailhès. Dating from the XNUMXth century century and unfortunately closed to the public, this building is nonetheless a very fine example of architecture combining influences from the Middle Ages and the Renaissance.
  • Saint Martin D'Oydes definitely worth the detour! This small medieval village and its circular shape are very beautiful and it is very pleasant to go for a walk there.

the paloufettes

Les Paloufettes is a brewery nestled in the heart of the Mas d'Azil valley that Jeff and Elise created shortly after 2020. With its two beautiful references, the brewery is also a fanciful universe because, as you will know, no beer is created without heroic adventure! 🙂 The Paloufettes brewers are fervent defenders of short circuits and the promotion of local products.
On the menu at Paloufettes: Solstice (warm blonde beer with thunderous hops) and De Profundis (an oatmill Stout).

Les Paloufettes is also a gîte and a reception room, adjoining the brewery, all in an old farmhouse. The place is unique and magical 🙂

Visits & tastings, points of sale : beers on sale on site (Bas Seignas, 09290 le Mas d'Azil). Call Jeff and Elise to be sure of schedules and for any information: 05 25 32 45 05

What to do around the Brasserie?

  • Without hesitation : take a tour the Mas d'Azil cave and book your guided tour. You will discover the exciting world of Prehistory through a fun trail as well as a museum in the heart of the cave.
  • Learn more the church of Raynaude and its 14 chapels. It’s a little curiosity full of charm and surrounded by a green and soothing landscape!

brasserie the eccentric

The eccentric brewery is located in Verniolle and offers beers of character with original and creative graphics. The idea behind it all: to offer a maximum taste with as many local and organic products as possible. Successful bet for the Eccentric 🙂
The delicious beverage is distributed in a short circuit within a radius of 100 km around the brewery. Among the proposals: a blonde, a stout and also a NEIPA (read: New England IPA), hopped to perfection and with a fruity touch. The eccentric team also offers beers flavored with lemon, ginger or even passion fruit. Now you know what you will drink this summer 😉

Visits & tastings, points of sale :  open all week, visits and explanations to the production workshop. Call the team to be sure of times and for any information:

What to do around the Brasserie?

  • Go visit the very beautiful Fiches Castle (take a close look at the opening hours and days) listed as a Historic Monument since 2005. Dating from the 1726th Century, this castle is a little Ariège nugget just as we like it ♥️ It has been in the same family since XNUMX!
  • Not far from Verniolle, in Varilhes, is the Center for the History of Resistance and Deportation. An essential passage to understand the history of an entire territory!

the 3 bell towers brewery

This Appamean brasserie (and yes, that's what the inhabitants of Pamiers are called :)) was born at the beginning of 2023, thanks to Guylaine and a 360-degree change in professional life.
On the menu, 4 beers: the Affranchie (amber), the Lover (white) and the Audacious (blonde), Arrogante (IPA). Guylaine produces these drinks for the love of good beer but also for the Appameans (besides, the beers all start with an “A” like “Appameen” 😍). By settling in the town center of Pamiers, there was a real desire to participate in the revitalization of the center.

Visits, tastings and sales points: Thursday, Friday and Saturday from 16 p.m. to 19:30 p.m. directly at the brasserie, 1 Pl. des Victimes de la Gestapo, 09100 Pamiers.
Guylaine also sells her beers Saturday morning, on the Pamiers market.

What to do around the Brasserie?

  • Stroll through the town center of Pamiers and visit the Saint Antonin Cathedral built in the 1906th Century and listed as a Historic Monument since XNUMX. Its woodwork and organ are definitely worth the detour.
  • In Pamiers, there is… the magic museum ! Yes Yes Yes ! It’s an extraordinary place where time stands still! The museum even houses a magic school 🙂 Every year in October, come and discover the parade of magicians in the streets of Pamiers.

Brasserie la fille de l'orge
Barley Girl Brewery

Mad barley

Here is a microbrewery full of flavors! In the pretty little village of Rimont, discover the taste nuggets offered by Mad Barley. It was in a garage in the village, in 2017, that the adventure began. Passionate about brewing and local products, Nicolas Fort created l'Orge Folie in order to place beer, a very widely consumed product, at the local level and to introduce the public to all the flavors and subtleties of artisanal production. Meticulous work combining creativity and rigor, brewing allows for an infinite exploration of taste!
L'Orge Folle offers blondes, white wines from IPAs but also some originalities, notably a raspberry flavored beer or a ginger blonde… We say that, we say nothing 😉

Visits & tastings, points of sale : open Tuesday to Friday from 16 p.m. to 19 p.m. and Saturday from 17 p.m. to 19 p.m.

What to do around the Brasserie?

  • Go for a walk in the Ariège Pyrénées eco-golf. Did you say eco-golf? Quite ! The Unjat eco-golf, in Labastide de Sérou, is a model in France for its ecological and sustainable management. You can test your skills on one of the 3 golf courses or on the general public discovery course.
  • Stroll at Combelongue Abbey and discover its gardens from another time. This typical abbey of the first Romanesque art was founded in 1138 and withstood the test of time and wars. She impresses with her beauty and size. Its characteristic? It is entirely built in brick, whereas in the region, stone abounds… There are also some fine examples of Mudéjares art (Andalusian influences).
  • Visit the imposing Mas d'Azil cave. Geological wonder, it is one of the only caves in the world that you can cross by car! There is even a dedicated museum where you can discover all the secrets of this unique site.


Located in Taurignan-Vieux, in the heart of Regional Natural Park of the Ariège Pyrenees, this brewery is committed to its territory and to the protection of its environment. Choice of local suppliers, phyto-purification, democratic and fair governance scheme ... in short, compass it is a 100% independent brewery with values ​​as beautiful and powerful as their delicious organic beers: IPA, blondes, Pale Ale, Stouts, Sour Ale… there is something for everyone!

Visits & tastings, points of sale : open Friday evening from 17 p.m. to 22 p.m. during the summer season.

What to do around the Brasserie?

  • Visit the palace of the bishops of Saint-Lizier. It is one of the must-see sites to visit when you are in the Couserans. On the heights of the beautiful village of Saint-Lizier, don't miss the Notre-Dame-de-la-Sède cathedral, also called “the Ariège Sistine chapel” in reference to its superb Renaissance paintings.
  • Go and taste Ariège cheese at the cheese factory The Moulis. Discover more than twenty Pyrenean references made from cow, sheep or goat milk. Here, know-how and love for the land are king. Moulis is the flagship product of this cheese factory, it is recognized by its beautiful brown color. Ask to taste, the cheese makers will be delighted to show you their production. And yes, the history of a territory is also its gastronomy! Yum Yum 😋
  • If you are more nature and stroll, take a walk or bike ride on the beautiful greenway that connects Foix to Prat - Bonrepaux via Saint Girons and Saint-Lizier.

the brouche

Founded in 2005 and located in the heart of Couserans, this brewery offers organic beers made from the most natural products possible and rigorously selected in the South-West. The leitmotif of the brewers of the Brouche ? Have fun while working! And it shows in the result: a collection of traditional and seasonal beers with varied tastes, sought after and unique in their style! White, amber, brown, spring beer with floral notes ...

Visits & tastings, points of sale : visit of the brewery and beer tasting. Open Wednesday to Saturday from 15 p.m. to 19 p.m. and Saturday morning from 10:30 a.m. to 12:30 p.m.

What to do around the Brasserie?

  • Meet at Antichan aerodrome for a discovery flight in a glider or microlight over our magnificent Pyrenees. Breathtaking panoramas and sensations guaranteed 😍
  • Visit In the land of traces to discover ichnology (the science of interpreting traces) on a 3 hectare park and through workshops and thematic activities: prehistoric casting, archeology and excavation activities, discovery of the local flora and fauna, visit caves ...

the brewery of the 3 lords

Martin learned to brew at the age of 17 in Belgium during a trip to visit brewing students. Professional chef and craft beer enthusiast Furthermore, he always continued to brew in his spare time until founding the brewery. Attached to the territory of Couserans and to this summit that he saw every day from his kitchen window, the Peak of the 3 Lords, it is quite natural that Martin's beers bear the names of Ariège places: the rouge de Bassiès (Ambrée), the Saison Guzet (Belgian style beer), the Blanche d'Arcouzan (Blanche), the Cascade d'Ars (Blonde hair). The beers are brewed with 100% Organic and Occitan Malt.

Visits & tastings, points of sale: find the beers of the Brasserie des 3 Seigneurs at the Soueix markets on Wednesday afternoons 15/19 p.m. all year round, from six on Sunday mornings from May to October and soulan on Friday afternoons from May to October.

What to do around the Brasserie?

  • Obviously: climb to the top of the Pic of the 3 lords ! This hike is demanding but so worth it. Guaranteed panoramic view.
  • Go for a walk Cominac, a small village known for its barns with such special architecture 😍
  • Go off to explore the magnificent Cascade d'Ars, a breathtaking Ariège spot to see at least once! The ideal is to go there when the snow melts, the waterfall is even more spectacular 💦

little siberia

Here you can taste a beer brewed with spring water coming straight from our mountains. Difficult to do more local! Located in Bonac-Irazein, in a small village in the Biros valley, the brewery Little Siberia offers you a selection of very good artisanal and organic beers: English Porter, Pale Ale, IPA, Pils.
For those little sweet tooth, Little Siberia also offers a lemonade "made in Biros" made with good mountain spring water.

Visits & tastings, points of sale : Little Siberia beers are distributed in short circuits in restaurants and grocery stores in Couserans. If you like to go to the market, you will find beers from Little Siberia on the markets of Saint-Girons, Soueix and Bonac-Irazein.

What to do around the Brasserie?

  • Take a tour of the magnificent Bethmale lake ! This small lake, located in lush greenery, melts your heart with its almost magical turquoise blue. No need to go to the four corners of the world to marvel at the feats of nature 😉 In addition, the lake is accessible by car and you can walk around it (approximately 45 minutes).
  • Biros is a place made for lovers of wide open spaces and hiking: discover all the routes.
  • Do you prefer to taste good local products? It is at the Core Cazalas artisanal cheese dairy let it happen! You will be able to discover (or rediscover?) our delicious Pyrenees cheeses such as Bethmale, Cosso and Toudeille.

the international beer of massat - ephemeral brewery

This brewery located in Massat is a positive energy brewery! Kezako? It is quite simply a brewery that tries to limit its impact on our planet as much as possible. Use of solar energy to heat the water necessary for the manufacture of beer, recovery of waste from the brewery (anaerobic digestion of waste + use of residues from the neighboring sawmill to heat water), recovery of rainwater for the bottle washing station or even the bottle deposit, everything is thought through. Take an ingenious mix of daring, creativity, and a desire to do it right and you will get BIM.
In addition to a committed project, BIM is also 4 very good beers: a blonde (cuvée Apollinaire), an amber (cuvée terre sauvage), a white (cuvée Léon) and an IPA (cuvée Randomisée).

Visits & tastings, points of sale: open Thursday and Friday and 09 a.m. to 12 p.m. and 14 p.m. to 18 p.m.

What to do around the Brasserie?

  • Climb on the peak of Estibat. A good climb rewarded by the splendid view of the Pyrenees. It is truly one of the essential routes to do in any season. It is also a spot known to Ariège for sledding 😉
  • As you will have understood, the Couserans is suitable for walks and we invite you to explore the Cominac barns. You will be able to observe a magnificent architecture typical of Pyrenean Gascony (houses with gables called "bird's-eye", covered with thatch) with, as always in Couserans, the peaks in the background. Possibility of a loop walk, 3h40 from the hamlet of Cominac.

sos beers

The young brewery SOS Beers was born in the heart of the Ariège Pyrenees, in the beautiful and wild Vic-de-Sos valley and it already has a strong character! This organic beer is sure to delight your taste buds with its three delicious references: GR Blonde (read “Great Reward”!), British Invasion, an English brown Ale type and IPiniste, an IPA with powerful fruity aromas. Lovers of IPAs and other English recipes will find the perfect fit here... well... a pint in their hand!
Impossible to miss the two latest new releases from SOS Bière: Souterraine (London Porter type with notes of toasted coffee and dark chocolate) and Snow Garden, a ginger-flavored beer that will refresh your summers 😉

Tastings, workshops, visits: public reception on Thursday from 16 p.m. to 19 p.m. and presence in the shops (including in the two biocoops of Foix) and restaurants in the valley (more details here).

What to do around the Brasserie?

  • Take a walk in the Soulcem valley to see the Carla's Orris. In addition to being a spectacular place, the Soulcem valley is the start of many demanding hikes but so beautiful and in particular: the Gardelle ponds or, the Picot ponds.
  • Visit the immense Cave of Niaux, a site where you feel very small! His particuliarity ? It is one of the only decorated caves that can still be visited today! In other words, it's not a facsimile and it really makes a difference!


The young Tarasconnaise brewery Destral (start of production in May 2021) offers you a range of delicious organic craft beers made in Ariège with love and commitment! At the origin of the project, 4 friends passionate about mountains, cycling, skiing, all eager to create a beer from the great outdoors, a taste escape as unique and powerful as our beautiful Ariège Pyrenees ! The number 1 motivation of the Destral brewers? The quality ! Better 3 good beers on the menu than a range of beers that are average in taste.
On the menu: the blonde (100% pure malt, royal & thirst-quenching), the Black (a mysterious & light Porter) and the Citra (tangy IPA & full of citrus fruits).

Visits & tastings, points of sale: the brewery is not yet open to the public but it will not be long. In the meantime, find your Destral in partner shops mainly in Haute Ariège.

What to do around the Brasserie?

  • A visit to the Lombrive cave is essential! Welcome to one of the largest caves in Europe. We really have the impression of entering another world with these stalactites, stalagmites and its lake of an unreal color. This cave also contains its share of legends and mysteries that your guide will reveal to you.
  • Continue your journey through time by visiting the Prehistoric Park. It is a superb place to understand how our ancestors lived thanks to activities for young and old, an interactive and fun museum and an outdoor park of 13 hectares. In short, an unforgettable immersive experience!

The Great Bison

Direction Lavelanet, in the Cathar Pyrenees, to discover a very complete range of organic beers. There really is something for everyone: blondes, brunettes, amber, white ...
The adventure begins in 2014 for the great bison (in reference to the largest and most famous painting of the cave of Niaux) and quickly become successful. Attached to its Ariège roots and its region, the Grand Bison team makes it a point of honor to work with as many local producers as possible. Thus since the creation of the brewery, the malt used comes from the Tarn department.

Tastings, workshops, tours: Mondays and Fridays from 09 a.m. to 18 p.m. and Tuesday to Thursday from 09 a.m. to 17 p.m.

What to do around the Brasserie?

  • visit Montségur castle, without a hint of hesitation! Perched on its pog at an altitude of 1200 meters, this site is unique and steeped in history! It was indeed a high place of Catharism, the last refuge of the "fellows" persecuted by the Church in the XNUMXth century. Montségur, it is also an exceptional panorama on the Pyrenees on one side and the plain on the other.
  • Visit the Fontestorbes fountain, true curiosity of nature! Why ? Because it is said to be "intermittent": during a large part of the year, the water flows normally but in times of low water, the cycle of intermittence starts and the fountain suddenly stops flowing. for half an hour! Less than thirty intermittent phenomena are recorded in the world, so it's really a truly magical place.
  • Take a walk in the gorges of the Frau, a real canyon hollowed out by the Hers over time. These cliffs of 300 to 400 meters are impressive! Here is a small walking itinerary to take full view.
Santé !

the fork brewpub

Did you say Brewpub? Unlike a traditional brewery consisting of a production location and a sales and/or tasting location, the brewpub combines the two entities. Production is therefore at the heart of the customer experience. It must be seen as a laboratory, an experimentation center to give free rein to your imagination!
Yannick, creator of La Fourche and originally from Foix, loves his territory and wants to participate in its redevelopment. Located on the edge of Ariège in a historic building in the city (which once housed the workshop of a locksmith and metalworker), the brewpub offers lagers, triples and stouts. Yannick’s primary motivation? The search for quality !

Tastings, workshops, visits : While waiting for the official opening of the brewpub, find the beer of the Forks in the local shops.

What to do around the Brasserie?

  • You are only a few minutes walk from the famous castle of the counts of Foix so run there after or before your tasting!
  • Why not go for a walk at the Pech terraces ? This beautiful walk on the heights of Foix will allow you to learn more about the history of the place but also to take in your eyes with a splendid view of Mont Fourcate.

Entropy – Seronais microbrewery

Opened in 2015, Entropie is a micro-brewery located in the beautiful little village of Alzen, in the heart of Regional Natural Park of the Ariège Pyrenees. You will find beers brewed at high fermentation: blond, amber, beer flavored with honey, Pale Ale… all in small quantities to control quality at all stages of production.

Tastings, workshops, visits : vDirect entry to the Alzen market and beers available in local shops and restaurants - bar. Visits to the brewery possible by making an appointment in advance.

  • Visit theAlzen Ecomuseum for an immersion in the heart of a traditional farm in the Pyrenees. It's an educational farm, but that's not all! There is also a peasant table in July and August, a place of production of various products (vegetables, cheeses, breads, syrups, cold meats, chocolate…). A real ode to the senses! The ecomuseum is located right next to Entropie, you can't miss it.
  • Go see the beautiful Alzen waterfall a few minutes from the Ecomusée! The path is easy to access from the road. The magnificent 43 meter high waterfall is clearly worth the detour!
  • Taste the tasty cheese produced by the sisters of'Notre-Dame-du-Pesquié Abbey not far from Alzen. The setting of the abbey is restful and you will also discover the other productions of the sisters: ceramics, confectionery, pastries… A gourmet break is in order 😉

*Alcohol abuse is dangerous for your health, consume with moderation.

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