Did you pick up a few chestnuts on your last walk in the woods? Do not throw them away: make a soup instead! The chestnut velouté is ideal for filling up on softness and warmth during the winter! Perfect for a romantic evening, by the fire, we say that, we say nothing 😉


Chestnuts are a bit like mushrooms: it can be a tricky subject… So be careful where you harvest your chestnuts, many lands are private!

Preparation time (or cooking the chestnuts):

  • 15 minutes of preparation
  • 10 cooking

Quick to make, this velouté is also very economical (like most soups).


  • 250 g cooked chestnuts
  • 1 yellow onion
  • 300ml water
  • 100 g fresh cream (you can completely replace with vegetable cream)
  • 1 C. vegetable broth 
  • 2 tbsp. tablespoon olive oil
  • salt and pepper
  • a few whole chestnuts
  • 1 clove of garlic
  • Stale bread


Peel and cut the onion. Brown it in a large pan with olive oil.

When the onion is translucent, add the vegetable broth then the chestnuts (keep a few to brown before serving). Salt and pepper.

Cook for a few minutes over medium heat (about 10min) so that the chestnuts warm up and soften.

Meanwhile, peel the garlic clove and rub them against the stale bread to make your croutons.

Mix everything with an immersion blender. You can add a little water if the soup seems too thick.

Brown the chestnuts you have left in a knob of butter.

Serve with a little fresh cream, a little parsley, garlic croutons and chestnuts browned in butter?

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