Do you want cheeses, cold meats, good local vegetables, local beers?  Come to one of our markets and producers' fairs!

A Saint-Girons, Foix, Mirepoix, or even Castillon-en Couserans and Ax-les-Thermes, behind their stalls, producers unpack taste marvels, designed in the respect for the original product, with imagination, and surely a little love. Cheese with pepper, curry, basil, wild boar or black pork sausage, 100% local aperitif, let yourself be charmed by the products and producers!

Local initiatives to eat well

Local initiatives have been blooming for some time in the four corners of the destination! The goal ? Like markets, facilitate access to local products ! In the form of a drive, with an online reservation or pre-order, a basket is created to collect on a specific date.

Where to shop in Ariège?

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67 results

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