The festival Grands Chemins shows takes place every year at the end of July / beginning of August at Ax-les-Thermes, at the heart of Ariège Pyrenees. With the desire to lead art where it is not used to expressing itself, this meeting attracts and retains the loyalty of aficionados, curious people, passing visitors and nature lovers for 5 days. Street theater, circus , dance, music and cinema invent a way to gently get lost and lead visitors to the hiking trails!

The spirit of the festival

Each year the program aims to immerse the visitor in a curious, creative universe of experimentation and celebration. And this as well in the city of Ax-les-Thermes than in neighboring villages or on hiking trails. It is a break where free thought is expressed, a meeting between the philosophy, the zany, the lightness and the summer atmosphere of Pyrenees

Whether you come with an informed or skeptical opinion, you always leave with a little more open mind, with ideas, desires, questions, a touch of madness or simply lovely moments that we put in one side of our memory until the next time.

The course of the festival

Street theater, hikes and shows, visits to villages of Haute-Ariège punctuate the festival program during the day and early evening. In the second part of the evening when the families have returned to bed, a whole different atmosphere takes over, electro, rock music concerts… Make festival-goers dance until the early hours of the morning.

To prepare for your festival ...