Foix is ​​renowned for its many cultural events throughout the year. The jazz, in Ariège, is a beloved style of music and honored at its annual festival: Jazz in Foix ! This festival allows you to discover the city under melodies and musical notes, colors, a soft and unique atmosphere.

Festival Jazz à Foix
Jazz Festival in Foix © Jazz in Foix / David Rivas

A colorful festival

The festival Jazz in Foix has been going on for 20 years. With its evenings and concerts inspired by an open-air cabaret, the whole city is inhabited by artists: squares, streets, halls, everything moves and comes alive to the rhythm of trumpets, guitars and saxophones… Unmissable, it welcomes every year in mid-July. big names in jazz, which participate in the national fame of the festival.

Essential information!

The concerts in IN are paying and start every evening at 21:30 p.m. for 5 stages bringing together various artists. Concerts in OFF are free and take place from 18 p.m. to 19:30 p.m. in several corners of the town of Foix but also in front of cafes and many other surprising places ...

The Jazz village

The Jazz village, a mix of concerts in OFF, jam sessions and relaxation area is the heart of the festival, the place where all enthusiasts and curious gather to exchange around a drink and a good meal (prepared by the chef, Didier Lamotte from the restaurant le Phoebus).

Festival Jazz à Foix
Jazz Festival in Foix © Jazz in Foix / Jacques Delrieu

Exhibitions and exhibitors

Each year during this jazz festival, local artisans and producers take advantage of the event to introduce festival-goers to their local products! Stop in front of the dazzling exhibitions of paintings on various themes such as jazz, Ariège, portraits of ariegeois… Ironworker, second-hand dealer and many others will make festival-goers spend a wonderful time in the pretty bustling city from Foix.

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