La caving and exploration of the underground world in complete safety, it is possible in Ariège Pyrénées! An extraordinary, sensational and sometimes confusing activity, caving leads to little-known regions, in search of various concretions formed by the effect of water on rocks: stalactites, stalagmites, columns… A fun approach with a licensed and passionate instructor , caving is an unforgettable adventure! Close your eyes, listen to the silence, discover a whole unsuspected universe. Calm, serenity, conviviality, pleasure and sharing are the key words of this activity to do with family or friends! 

Caving for the little ones !

Spéléologie avec Horizon Vertical
Caving with Horizon Vertical © Horizon Vertical

THEinitiation to caving can be done from 6 years old: large galleries and easy passages, children will learn gently to move in the underground world!

With the family, with the school or the leisure center Vertical horizon and other structures offer toddlers caving baptisms.

Some pro like Vertikatst even offers speleology nursery, from 3 years !

And for the more adventurous why not try the exploration ?

As for climbing, the Ariège is a benchmark in caving, the many limestone massifs that compose it are similar to a real "gruyère". Giant concretions, large volumes, great chasm, underground river, those who wish to live the adventure of a great crossing, to learn the techniques of horizontal progressions and vertical climbing on rope with great abseils, Ariège is the playground ideal! The pros, also passionate about geology, will know how to make you experience a real exploration for a day or more 😍


Sleep with friends or family, meters underground, under the stalactites! An extraordinary experience offered by Caving & Canyon objective, cut off from the sun and the usual time constraints. 

A little wink

The Ariège pros are great explorers who are well known in the field: Franck d'Horizon Vertical specialized in caving, Stéphane de Vertikarst, Rodolphe Sturm, Phil Bence…. They regularly go on expeditions to the four corners of the world (Patagonia, Papua, Java, Peru…) to satisfy their passion.

But they also love to pass it on ... especially during their outings and during the  explos festival, created by Phil Bence. His images are touring the world and on the front pages of PETZL, Terre sauvage, Spéléo magazine, wider mag, expé and many others ...

Convinced? Find your caving instructor

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