Exploring Ariège on horseback, isn't it a great way to enjoy breathtaking landscapes? Plains of the north of the department, ponds, lakes, forests ... Ariège, this destination so secret, so varied and exotic, allows all hikers to combine the practice of their passion with the discovery of grandiose landscapes: initiation walk our sports hikes over several days, There is something for every taste.

The Mérens and the Castillonais, two emblematic breeds

Ariège is the birthplace of two famous equine breeds: Merens and Castillonnais. The Merens horse, also called "the black prince of the Pyrenees" is a rustic breed of horse whose agility and safety of the foot make it an ideal companion for venturing on mountain paths.

Le Castillonese as for him, is remarkable by its dress Noir Pangaré (chestnut bay) and its marks of fire with red nuances on the sides.

These breeds are believed to be implanted for thousands of years in Ariège : they indeed present many physical resemblances with the horses represented by the Magdalenians 13 years ago, on the walls of the caves of the destination.


Just as it exists transhumance* (* ascent in summer pastures or descent in plains) of sheep, ewes and cattle, there are also those of horses! For thousands of years the Pyrenean breeders of horses of Mérens and Castillon guide their equines towards the green summer pastures in the middle of the mountains for the summer period.

These take place in June every year, and they are amazing! In the fall, we can also attend the descent of the horses in the plains, to spend a more favorable winter? 

Equestrian practice

In Ariège, it is possible to practice equestrian activity autonomy (if you have your own horses) on marked routes or in the presence of a guide on these same routes. The destination is structured so as to be able to offer accommodation adapted to horse owners who would like to discover the most beautiful corners of the Pyrenees!

Prepare your trip on horseback