You know the rhyme of course? Today I take you to the alleys of Foix, for a walk in the shade of the beautiful stones of the count's city on the occasion of the reopening of an emblematic site known to all: the Castle of Foix.

We never tire of walking hand in hand in the cobbled streets, shaded and cool from the Medieval city. We raise our heads and at the bend of a place, we discover half-timbered houses, gargoyles, secret passages ...

This town of Foix, dominated by its castle has a history of the most loaded: the Romans are the first to believe in the potential of the place by building a fort on the rocky peak. It was not until the 1000th century that we saw urban life begin to develop around the current Saint-Volusien abbey and the castle built in the year XNUMX. At the turn of our Count's walk, we obviously take advantage of the time we have in front of us to visit the famous castle. That's good, because after 7 months of embellishment and redevelopment, we discover a whole new place. The entrance is no longer the same: we access the building through a new museographic section!

immersion in the middle ages guaranteed!

Both immersed in the past and turned towards the future, this interpretation space leaves us speechless: the lighting of the castle from the perspective of new technologies, allows us to understand the history of the city, the important personalities of the time, the construction of the castle and its role.

All the scenarisation was built from texts taken from archives, lacking visual resources from different eras. This makes the even more magical place, because it is the first time that we put a "face" on certain important names in the history of Foix.

Family treethe wall of coats of arms,e book of the hunt… All the rooms in the “new” castle showcase important aspects of history, while making a link, technological or not, with our daily life… and this is how we remember, understand and visualize better the life of the time and all its aspects.

Staged visual, olfactory, auditory and kinesthetic ultimately successful, which transports us all to another world!

We who knew the castle before, are happy to see that we can still access the medieval part to discover many changes!

Le castle has returned to its original appearance and function: 

A new tower is accessible, the one that served as a prison, the others have taken on other functions, and above all, period weapons have been assembled on site! Crossbows, trebuchet … So many surprises for us! The animators, in period costumes enhance the war pieces and allow us to participate in animations like real heroes of the middle ages ...

Of course, we won't tell you everything about this new castle ... It's up to you to discover the 2000m² of scenography, and the other surprises on the forecourt of the castle and in its towers ...

Ps: Don't forget to admire the view, it hasn't changed, but is still amazing.

Good to know

When you take an entry, you can come and go from the castle to the city. Are you hungry? Going to eat a bit in town is possible to continue your visit afterwards! More info on the site of the castle

Ah, and we forgot to tell you! We tested the escape game with some friends! Yes, an escape game on the theme of the Cathar treasure. We won't tell you any more ... except that it was GREAT! Another good reason to go to the castle!




100% Ariègeoise, I know the destination (almost) like the back of my hand! Walks, guided tours, castles, picturesque villages, festivals ... I have traveled the roads of Ariège for years, looking for new things! I love living intense moments with my friends and my little family, which will leave me lasting memories!

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