Wednesday :
- Le fossat, 3rd and 5th Wednesday morning of the month.
- Le Mas d'Azil, in the morning (fair on the 2nd and 4th Wednesday of the month).
- Lézat s / Lèze, the 2nd Wednesday morning of the month only. 

- Daumazan s / Arize, the morning. Fair on the 1st Friday of the month.
- St Ybars, the morning.
- Tailhès, from 17 p.m. to 20 p.m. Craft market and entertainment.
- Campaign on Arize, at 16 p.m. at the Portecluse farm.

Lézat s / Lèze, the morning. 


Arize - Lèze

The Arize-Lèze destination, halfway between Toulouse and the Pyrenees, on the slopes overlooking the valley, was born, there are [...]


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